Zayne my life


8. 7


Zayn: bailey what was that

Bailey: mmmmmm I don kno

Zayn: wake up some one screamed


I shot up and ran down stairs into Wals room I thought she was like having sex or something but she was fast asleepthen I ran to safs room she was crying I walked over to her bed and I sat there and hugged her Zayn walked in and sat in the chair in her room she was crying harder now

Bailey: what's wrong saf

Saf: my mom died in her sleep what if I do too

Bailey: you won't I promis your mum was very sick

Saf: can I call you bae short for your name

Bailey: of course you can call me anything you want you just can't call me like bad words or say them at all

Saf: okay I won't but bae I'm scared I am going to die

Bae: you won't I promis

Zayn: do you want to go sleep with wal

Saf nodded so Zayn picked her up and I walked into Wals room she had her iPod in front of her playing some movie but she was asleep I woke her up and took her iPod and plugged it in on her night stand

Bae: can saf sleep with you she is scarred

Wal: she can't sleep with you guys

Bae: she can but she doesn't know me well she knows you

Wal scooted over and saf got in to bed with her they fell asleep and me and Zayn went back up stairs

Zayn: babe

Bae: what cutie

Zayn: are you sure that you want them here

Bae: no

Zayn: well don will take them to her house and me and you can move into my mums old house and have a place to our selfs

Bae: that would be great bu what about harry

Zayn: it is a 2 minute walk 30 sec car ride and a. .002 sec jet ride

Bae: okay we will move out tomorrow

Zayn: okay

Bae: I love you so much baby more than the world forever and always

Zayn: I would stay up all night waiting for you I would do any thing for you forever and always

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