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7. 6

Waliyha came home to harry and my house I showed her one of the guest rooms his other too sisters know but lived with there grandmother now waliyha likes to be called wal like whale any ways zayne and I told wal to hang at the house with harry who is really close with him but can not date him because she is to young me and zayne grabed some boxes and we went to his old house he is moving in with us we had rented the uhaul tuck and me and Zayn moved his dresser this bed for wal and all his stuff that he wanted then we got to Wals room we left her bed but took the comforter and pillows she was getting zayns old bed that was a queen tempropedic and had king sized comforter sheets on it we packed all his clothes and Wals clothes every thing we took pictures of zayns family nothing in the house was left to any one and the house was payed for it was a very big house and I saw Zayn look at me in thought but I have already thought about it but we would still have wal and I would not be with harry if it was just me and Zayn then I would be okay with it but we had his sister to take care of now

Bailey: we have your sister to take care of now I think that we should have taken the baby first

Zayn: yea I know are you sure that harry is okay with wal living over there

Bailey: there are really close I don't think he minds

Zayn: I think that wal needs to go live with my grandma though to help out with the others

Bailey; I don't want you to make her feel unwanted

Zayn: she is fine and I really have no privacy if she is running around all the time

Bailey: well I kinda want a teenager to take care of ya know

Zayn: she is 15 and she can go live with Don she is 21 and safaa is 10 don is moving out soon and my grandma cand handle saf by her self

Bailey: well we have about 4 bedrooms in our house that have never been touched she can stay with us

Zayn: thank you baby

He pulled me into a hug I don't thing he wants them there but they won't be there in about a year because me and Zayn will be alone agin and don will take them so I'm not worried we packed up every thing we wanted we took a lot of things but I didn't want Zayn to not have what he wanted Zayn drove the big truck and I drove his fisker to the house and unloaded every thing

Wal. Bailey you know that you guys don't have to keep me I have friends that I can live with

Bailey: I want to keep you and saf I love your brother more than the world and I want him to have his family because I know what it is like to have a brother that walked away from his family we love you wal no matter what

Wal started to cry then we unloaded zayns old bed and harry looked at us like we were crazy

Zayn( nerdy): we don't need to sleep in the same bed because then things might get friskey

Harry: really two beds in your room bailey?

Bailey: no we are taking the one out of Wals room and she gets that one and sag gets Wals old one

Harry: so instead of the new serta beds you guys will have used beds

Zayn: temprepedic beds harry

Harry: why don't you guys keep the bed that Zayn has because bailey has a queen serta

Zayn: cause we took my mums bed from the house and it's a king and practically new

Wal: not fair I wanted mums

Zayn: who's sleeping in that bed with u

Wal: no one why

Zayn: cause kings are made for two people

Wal: mom only had one person it it

Zayn: well now two people will be in it

I could tell that Zayn just wanted it because it was his mums and that it was his mum befor it was any one else's and that he just needed it because he wanted a part that was just her I understood him any ways me and Zayn un loaded every thing we decided that we would use his old house as an area to store the rings that were in the house before and keep it there I case me and him split or something I don't know we got every thing changed in and out then we went to go get saf when we got there I saw don and she was talking about moving into his mums house and he just told he that his mum left it to him and stuf but she isn't moving in it we got home and it felt like I had a little family with kids and Zayn

A/N okay so this chapter took a lot of searching on the Internet and a lot of it is made up and not true but it's fiction I new the girls names but not ages and I looked that up I will update another chapter after I publish this one luv u my girls and dudes that are reading a book that is girly

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