Zayne my life


6. 5

I woke up the next morning and ran to the bath room I peed and no blood came out I put in a panty leighner and went to get dressed zayne woke up while I was whereing nothing but under where and looked at me with wide eyes

Zayn: flash me why don't you

Bailey: I am not bleeding I can't do anything right now I'm going to get a pregnancy test

Zayn: oh my god okay I'll go with you

he through on some slides then through one of his sweatshirts at me and I grabed a pair of jeans we drove to Walgreens it was 5:00 in the morning so Zayn wasn't worried about fans we ran in and grabbed a pregnancy test it was 14 bucks it had 10 in it though we grabbed it and plan b one step and ran up to the counter and payed the lady asked for a pic and autograph and asked for him to follow her on twitter he said yes to all three and she wrote her username on his hand and he autographed her arm and the back of the recite then gave it to her then they took a pic on his phone and he sent it to her then we rushed home

I ran to the bathroom and peed on the stick I waited I didn't look I washed it off and didn't look I took it out where me and Zayn could see it together when I sat down my stomach started to hurt sweet mabey my period is starting or mabey the baby is moving oh my god we looked at it and it said

Negitive!!!!!!! We were so happy then we put the stuff under the sink in my bathroom I got up and went to go pull my hair up

Zayn: love you might want to wash those pants

I turned around and I had bled in them I went to the bathroom and put in a tampon then I hoped in the shower


ZAYN came to the door and striped he got in and showered with me we told harry about it and he was happy we were sitting on the couch when my phone went off it was a tweet from Zayn

Zaynmalik: I love my baby more than the world can we stop the hate guys or I'll quit the band

I looked at Zayn and he looked at me I smiled at him and we kissed he beg for entrey so I let him in when we pulled away harry was clapping slowly zaynes phone rang

Zayn: hey it's Zayn

Some girl: hello Zayn

Zayn: is this a fan cause I really don't feel like changing my number agin

Girl: no I'm a doctor you mother had a stoke in the middle of the night and died

Zayn: what I must have heard you wrong

Girl: no you heard it right I need you to come down here I'm at the hospital. ... Oh and in the will a girl named bailey is mentioned so can you get a hold of her and bring her down

Zayn hung up and started to cry he grabbed me and pulled me into him he had his head over my shoulder crying on my back holding me

Bailey: what's wrong baby

Zayn: she's gone bailey she's gone and I was in a fight with her last time I saw her

Bailey: who's gone

Zayn: mum

My jaw dropped I started to cry me and Zayn were in a hug sobbing

Zayn: we have to go down there

I nodded and we went to get in the car and drove there he identified her his little sister was in the hallway having a nervous break down

Waliyha: I'm and orphan Zayn I have no one am I going to be put up for adoption?

Zayn: hell no I won't let that happen to you I promis

Waliyha: my mums gone

Zayn: so is mine wal so is mine

They were both crying and all that I wanted to do is hug Zayn I wanted to kiss him so he would know that I was there for him so after he stould up I walked over to him and I wrapped my aros around him and he did the same I held on tight and he kissed my head it was so dramatic

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