Zayne my life


5. 4

Me and Zayn went down stairs and sat on the couch I looked up at him and he looked at me I puckered my lips like a 5 year old would kiss there mom and he puckered up and leaned down and kissed me I smiled and then kissed him for real then the door rand

Bailey: who the hell is at the door

Perrie: it's Perrie girly


Zayn(whispering): I'm not here

He got up and ran to Harry's room and I opened the door

Perrie: BAILEY

I laughed and hugged her

Perrie: okay so how have you been I have not seen you is FOREVER

Bailey: um well Perrie I don't want you to be mad but me and Zayn we are a couple

Perrie turned red

Perrie: oh well I gave him up so I um I don't care um where is he

Bailey: ZAYN?!?

He walked down with a grin on his face

Zayn: is the bitch gone

He saw her and I didn't anwser

Zayn: bailey is your mother gone

Perrie: nice save but not buying it

Perrie started to cry and went to walk out the door then stopped then turned around

Perrie: don't talk to me ever agin

She left and I was not mad I still had my baby then I heard keys being pushed into the door

Bailey: SHIT.. Zayn u have to go

I grabed the remote turned the tv on the grabed Zayn and dragged him to the back porch and told him I would txt him and stuff then I went to turn around and harry was in my face

Harry: have something to tell me

Zayn turned around

Zayn: hey mate don't be mad

Bailey: me and Zayn are dating

He laughed like a 2 year old

Harry: I'm just kidding I have known forever

Me and Zayn walked in the house and say on the couch harry sat on the love seat then Marley walked in

Marley: hey I called nial and he is coming over and well do it with him

Bailey: do what


Zayn looked at me and smiled

Zayn: I think well call Luis for ours


Zayn: talk to your brother him and Marley and nial seem to think it's ok

Harry: fuck you Zayn it's not your bisness

Marley: I ment to come to help fix the shower in Harry's room

Harry looked at me with a you have a dirty mind stare I looked at Zayn

Zayn: we can do it with only two people ok got to go

And he pulled me up stairs

Zayn: that was so embarrassing

Bailey: you are the one that did it to yourself

Zayn leaned over and kissed me I kissed back then I pulled away I looked at him with a worried look

Zayn: what's wrong baby

I ignored him then ran over to his bag and searched through it I pulled out the Trojan I made him pack

Bailey: I think a baby's wrong Zayn I am sopose to start tomorrow and I don't have cramps Zayn I'm scared

Zayn: holy shit

Bailey: yeah I know. Did you cum earlier to night?

Zayn: I don't remember I think

I was worried the rest of the day I even told harry and harry was about to be mad at Zayn but just ts Marley to go home and was really scared with us I hope that I'm not pregnat

A/n OMG guys is bailey pregnate I hope not you will have to read to find out

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