Zayne my life


4. 3

3 months later


B/bailey z/zayne


B/ ZAYNE MALIK my name is bailey drop the Bella and the Anne



Z/ I LOVE YOU!!!!!

B/ I Love You!!!!!! Now come over I want to kiss you

Z/ oh baby you know I want to but my mom won't let me

B/ well I'll come to you

Z/ bailey no please

B/ too late I'm in the car

Z/ oh fine

I got to zaynes house and ran to the door I knocked and zayne opened it I hugged his neck and kissed him

B/ okay I'll be leaving now

Z/ no you don't

He pulled me into the house and pushed me agents the door and started to make out with me

B/ come over to me and Harry's house where there is no mom and harry is out with Marley to the beach all week

Z/ hold on

He walked into the kitched where his mom was and asked I heard her say no then I walked in

B/ but I need to see my baby

Z's mom/ okay fine go zayne just fucking go god damn

Z/ mom

Z's mom/ I said go I will have a fun day with you sister

Me and zayne went up to his room and he packed his bag he packed a wife beater tank some swim shorts and a couple other clothes he almost left without something very important I walked over to his dresser and grabbed a Trojan

B/ might need this

He smiled and we left we went back to the house and as soon as we walked in Zane walked up to my room witch was really big because me and harry live in a really big house together because I go on your with them every time and me and harry are really close zayne put his stuff down and then grabbed my waist he pulled me into him he kissed me we soon were making out he pulled away

Z/ how much do you love me

B/ to Plutos moon and back about 300 times

Z/ really bea cause is love you so much more

B/ I Dought it

Z/ well then proove it

I walked over to him and I sunck down to his crotch and in clipped his pants I pulled them off then I placed my hand over his boxers and looked at him I pulled them off and p grabbed his dick I put it in my mouth and sucked zayne moaned and moaned I got off then I came back up to his face and kissed him we were making out agin I pulled off his shirt so he was nacked we took off my clothes and he layed me on the bed he traced down to my pussy and sucked I was moaning we fucked really hard that day it felt do good

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