Zayne my life


3. 2

Justin walked over to me and slapped me in the face zayne walked over to him and they started to fight harry started to go fight him too but I gabbed on to him held my brother really really tight he was telling me it's okay and all that I was fine

Zayne: don't touch her!

Justin: she loves me

Zayne: no she loves me

And I did justin left and said I'm done with you bailey styles I was crying into zaynes chest he was telling me that every thing was okay I pulled away and went up to my room I sat on my bed and got on twitter I had so Much hate because of justin so I tweeted

@baileystyles I never cheated on @justinbieber with any one but you might want to ask him about being a abuser to me and my brother

Then some one knocked on my door they came it was zayne

Zayne: hey

Bailey: hey I was so scared down there

Zayne: your safe I won't let him hurt you but bailey I um I want you to be my girlfriend

Bailey: zayne of course I have loved you for a long time

He came over to me and hugged he I went to my closet and grabbed a tank top and some pj short shorts and changed into those zayne was still in the room but you know he just stayered I looked at him and he looked away really fast I laughed I finished getting dressed then I walked over to my bed witch zayne was sitting on and sat by him

Bailey: like the show

He blushed and I got up and stood I front of him and I started to strip for him I sat on his lap then started to wiggle a little I turned around and looked in his eyes and then walked over to my door and locked it i walked back over to him and sat in his lap facing him I grabbed the tail of his shirt and pulled it off I smiled at him then I placed my hand on his chest and kissed him on the lips softly

Bailey: let's go down stairs

Zayne: I'm good I think I'll make u stay up here with me

Me and zayne talked and kissed for hours he is so amazing I have wanted to kiss him since I was 16 and they first became a band and he became my best friend

A/N hey guys so I know I put justin in this in a bad way but im a beileber and I didn't mean hate to him at all you guys can go read my other book about him and Marley my name isn't bailey or Marley thought my name is Morgan Bella and that's what I go bye so I hope y'all like this book

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