Zayne my life


14. 13

A/N I decided that I'm going to write for the fun of it I would just like to get more people to read it

Me and zayn layed down together and and I was on his chest I had my hand on it he saw the ring

Z/ you didn't take it off

B/ I loved you and I was hoping that we could work through it

Z/ you know I'm here for you forever and always

B/ I know can I move back now I barley have any clothes now and all I moved here was my tampons and pregnacy tests and plan b one step

Z/ yes of course you can move back but I just want you to know that wal and saf moved into the guest house because the idiot moved in some dude and he started to abuse saf and she refused to through him out so I took them on but wal takes care of saf in the guest house and they are homeschooled

B/ you know I love your sisters that are amazing so that is fine with me and I can help them with home schooling when we are home and not on tour

Z/ okay they will like that but we need to start talking about the wedding so that we can be grown up and not have to go to crazy parties and stuff and almost lose each other like we did

B/ we should get married in 6 months on augest 14th my lucky number 814

Z/ good idea

A/N hey guys I am going to start a liam fanfic because he is my favorite and many people can tell haha my whole room hase posters of him and Louis in it because they are my favorite and I just had a fake wedding for me and liam lol but sorry this is short

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