Zayne my life


13. 12

Me and Zayn went on that date and no one was there no noise or anything it was normal witch is not normal to me because I dated justin now I'm engaged to Zayn I loved him so much I woke up in his arms only this time I had a ring on my finger

Z: morning lovely

B: morning

Z what should we do today

B. We are going to Harry's to hang with the guys

Z. Wait why

B/ because I want to see my brother

Z. Well I was going to ask you if you want to go on tour with us

B. Of course but will there be room for me

Z. Yea of course we got a really really big bus that I have my own room in harry does too and lim and Louis share a room and nial sleeps in a cubby because he doesn't want to have a big room

B. What about the house here

Z. We still have it and we can still come back here when we are on tour

B. I will of course come on your with you

Z. Great now let's go to Harry's

B. Ok did you hear that him and that girl broke up

Z/ we will talk in the car

*skip car ride*

Harry/ well there is my engaged sister

I smiled and walked over to harry I hugged him

H/ tonight I'm throughing a huge party

B/ okay as long as there's drinks

H/ it wouldn't be a party if there wasn't

-skip to party-

I had had 6 beers 4 shots of rum and 6 of jack I was drunk as fuck as most light weights would be lol I was only in my dress and socks by now so I decided to walk over to Zayn who was talking to liam on the couch he couldn't see me walk up so I heard what he told liam

Z/ yea dude I know she's sexy and great at sex and I'm engaged I can get it all the time now

L/ when was the last time you had sex with her

Z/ earlier tonight I was drunk and didn't realize what I was doing but I didn't wear a condom I think I got her pregnate

L/ bailey is going to be pissed if she finds out

Z/ no because she will never find out because I will blame it on something elese and she won't leave me and I won't loose her

B: I think you just lost me you dick

I stormed out of the house and ran to harry and told him every thing he littoraly busted zayns ass I haven't taken the ring off yet it's been a whole day since that happened and I haven't talked to him since he has texted me and called me tons of times all the boys have forgiven him and he is allowed back to my house but not to talk to me I love him but he cheated on me with some whore I was stirring in Harry's old room because that's where my room was when I heard a knock on the door I opened it and saf came in

Bailey: hey girly what's up

Saf: nothing but Zayn has to take care of me now and he is here and Harry said you were up here so I came to talk to you

Bailey: zayn is here!?

Saf: yea he left wal at home at the guest house but I wanted to see you

Bailey: okay well just don't let Zayn up here

Saf: okay. I heard you to broke up why

Bailey: your way to young to understand

She smiled and claimed up on my bed then Zayn came to the door I looked at him and jumped up

B: go away or I'll get harry

Z/ he said I could explain

B. Well then it better me child appropriate because I know you won't hurt me in front of saf

Saf/ he won't hurt you I know because he has been crying forever about you and stuff

B/ you promis me if you hear me scream tell harry to call the police and then run up here

Saf. Yes I promis

She left the room and I sat on my bed and looked at him

B/ talk

He walked in closed the door and sat next to me

Z/ I wasn't cheating

B/ you liar I heard you tell liam that you were

Z/ what you heard was about you

B/ we hadn't frickin slept together that night I was coming to get you so we could

Z/ you were drunk as fuck i watched you drink 8 beers and 1 whole bottle of jack

B: I had like 6 beers and like 8 shots all together

Z: you had way more than that you couldn't remember anything I had pulled you upstairs and we fucked right here on this bed

B/ prove it

Zayn sat there for a while and then thought he walked over to my pantie drawer and picked up a pair

Z/ these were the underwear you were wearing

He was right then he picked up a bra and it was too then he walked to the bathroom and grabed a pregnancy test

Z/ pee on this because now you beileve me and I'm scared to death that my baby is pregnate

I got up and peed on the stick It came up and I looked at it it was positive I walked out with it in my hand I showed Zayn he started to cry and then pulled me I'm that's when saf walked in and saw us I quickly through the pregnancy test across my bed to the other side she smiled at us then crept out the door I looked up at Zayn and he was crying

B/ we can have it done

Z/ abortion?!?!

He was screaming

B/ I don't want a baby I'm only 20




B/ but I don't want to give birth at all

I was calmer now


B/ zayn please just listen to me I can't give birth to this child I will be a slut I have to have an ABBORTION

Z/ baby I don't want you to kill it

B/ well these are cheep ass pregnacy tests why don't we go see a doctor and get real news

Z/ well it has only been a day and that plan b shit works for 72 hours why don't you just take that and the baby won't even be harmed

B: good idea

I went into the bathroom and took it I came back out and sat next to Zayn

B: just because we are not pissed off doesn't mean I'm not mad at you any more

Z/ but I didn't do anything I just want you to realize we were talking about you

B/you sounded like you were talking about someone elese

Z/ no I mean what did we say

I reported what the said (go read back what was said )

Z/ exactly I said I was engaged now and I can get it all the time

B/ yea and

Z/ I can get it all the time from you

I realized what he said and hugged him I guess we were back together

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