Zayne my life


12. 11

I woke up to me throughing up Zayn was holding my hair out of the way while I was throughing up

Z/ baby where is there a clip at I need to call a doctor

He was holding up my hair looking though the drawers for a clip when he found one he clipped it up so it was out of my face and walked into the other room and grabed his phone he walked back in and called the doctor

Z: hi my wife is throughing up and not feeling well and she was fine the other day

B/ wife when did that happen

Z/ shh. Yes she's 20 years old she just woke up and started to through up. Okay

B/ Wife?

Z/ not yet babe soon though

B/ I know I know I just love you and want to know that you are here for me forever and always

Z/ always and forever baby I will love you

B/ even when I'm sick

Z/ when you are sick I will pay a million dollars to make you better

B/ so you love me

Z/ I have always loved you

When the doctor got here he checked me out and said that I just had a 24 he stumach bug I thanked him and he left

Z/ babe I've got to go to the mall with liam to sighn some things

B/ can I come

Z/ no you have to feel well for our date tonight

B/ date

Z/ yea to the cheese cake factory it's in a private room where there will be body guards standing in front so no one knows where we are

B/ ok well that's cool what time

Z/ at 6:45 we need to leave I'll be back at 6:30

B/ so I have to get ready alone

Z/sorry babe but you'll like the date

B / okay don't get crazy with liam

Z/ okay I will....... Not

B/ I love you

Z/ I love you more

B/ impossible

Z/ you have no idea how much I love you

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