Zayne my life


11. 10

Z/zayn B/bailey

Z/ babe will you come here a min

B/ why

Z/ cause I need to kiss you

B/I'm sorry I'm hanging out with ellenaour

Z/ but I need a kiss

B/ well you will have to wait

E/ ellenaour

E/ he is needy

B/yea but I luv him

Z/ baby I am in my boxers and I am not letting Ellie see that

B/ I'll be back

E/ your going to give in?

B/ he won't shut up until I do

E/ ok haha

I walked up stairs and zayn was sitting on the bed in his green boxers and no shirt I smiled at him

B/ really?

Z/ u told me that I had to stay up here and couldn't bother you

B/ she will leave soon and I'll be up here

Z/ can we cuddle?

B/ yes we can cuddle

Z/ okay now kiss me

I smiled and walked over and got close enough to kiss him then turned around and walked out I laughed as I left

Z/ really babe

B/ I'll see u In a bit

I turned around and faced him I graves my boobs and then walked back down stairs

E/ did u kiss him

B/ no

E/ haha okay well I have to go my mum wants me home so i can get ready for my date with Louis tonight

B/ okay I'll see ya later

She got up and left when she left a walked back up stairs and sat on top of zayn

Zayn: ugh ow babe u hurt me

Bailey: oops sorry babe I've just been confused lately

Z/ why you don't seem your self

B/ I'm not my self I haven't been feeling good

Z/ well just cuddle with me I'll make you better

B/ do i have to?

Z/ yea you have to

I smiled and crawled over to him I cuddled up to him I feel asleep pretty fast and woke up 2 hours later when Zayn woke me up

Z/ babe that chick that I-

B/ I'm the only one u can call chick

Z/ that girl at the drugstore that we got the pregnacy test at and stuff just released that I got you pregnate

B- WHAT?!?

Z/ tweeted about it

B/ mabey they'll think it's fake

Z/ I wrote it on the back of our reciet remember

B/ shit. Wait we got plan b one step while we were there so we should be fine just say that we did it then I took the pill and now I'm not pregnate

Z/ yea but I have 12 year olds that are looking up to me they'll think I'm a toltal dick

B/ why because u didn't want to get a 20 year old pregnate

Z/ okay what ever that sounds good

B/ okay well I'm going back to sleep

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