Zayne my life


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Messages to zayne:

Bailey- B zayne- Z

B: hey what's up

Z: hey nuthing wbu

B: hanging hour with the mates

Z: cool

B: want to come over later

Z: yea feel like it's been ages since I've seen u

B: I know

Z: when should I come over

B: now is fine my mates are about to leav

Z: k I'm on my way now



B: ok don't get hurt

Z: k see you in a minute love

B: hold on I'm going to talk American " I ain't your love y'all"

(A/N : y'all I'm from American but since they are British I figured that I would wright with a few British words so don't get affended if I use them wrong because I was raised in Georgia in the USA so agin no hate)

My friends left and I ran upstairs to change because I think that zayne in really cute and I kinda like him. I put on some green short shorts and a black tee shirt with one direction on it it said up all night then the door bell rang I screamed at harry and told him to open it so he did I put on some purfume it was the key by JB I heard a knock on my door It was zayne me and him hugged

Bailey- B Zayne-Z

B: zayne it has been forever!!

Z: wow bailey you looks really cute

B: aww thanks

Z: you have a really cute guy on your shirt

B: my brother.. Are you on crack he is ugly

Z: negitive me

He pointed to his face witch was on my boob I laugher and hit his hand

Z: haha

B: so what u want to do

Z: lets just go get some food

B: okay I'll drive

Z: a man never lets a lady drive

B: in your best friends sister I don't think I'm a lady

Z: you a lady

B: ok u can drive

Z: okay let's go

Me and him got in is car witch was a bright pink fisker karma and we drove to nandos in the car we talked about how I was cute and how he was sexy it was a normal conversation when harry called me

H/ harry b/ bailey

H: Bailey where are u and zayne

B: at nandos why

H: bacause your boyfriend is going crazy thinking you are dating zayne

B: tell him I'm hanging out with my best friend

H: Bailey he is driving me crazy

B: okay okay me and zayne will eat then come back tell him I said thanks for ruining my day

H: be nice

B: because some girl would kill to be your sister I know I know because your little stuck up self says it all the time

H: yes

B: bye harry

H: bye

B: I Love You!!!!!!

H: I Love You!!!!!! 2

We hung up

Zayne: what did he say

Bailey. That my bf is at the house going crazy

Zayne: ok ok

Me and zayne ate at nandos and then went back to the house I walked in and my boyfriend justin went crazy I know what you are thinking justin your dating justin BIEBER omg yes I am he is really nice but over protective and me and zayne like each other and if don't like Justin any more me and justin kissed and hugged he pulled apart and he walked over to zayne

Justin. You don't ever touch my girlfriend agin!!

Zayne: dude she's like my best friend

Justin glared at him then looked at him he turned back to zayne and thought a punch it hit zaynes neck I screamed and ran to get harry

Harry: what is going on why did you scream

Bailey:(sobing) justin her punched him

Harry looked at me then ran down stairs zayne was on the ground and Justin's nose was bloody

Harry: bloody hell

Harry walked over to zayne and helped him up

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