The Story of Us

We met when we were 7.
We started dating when we were 13.
We broke up when we were 18.
We went to the same college at 19.
We saw each other again at 20.

My name is Ariana Meridith Joy, I'm 21 years old, and I'm deeply in love with this outgoing, funny, handsome, amazing guy named Justin Drew Bieber, but we will never date again.

Hey, my name is Justin Drew Bieber. I'm 22 years old, and I'm deeply in love with this fashionable, silly, cute, beautiful girl named Ariana Meredith Joy, but we will never date again.

This is the story of us.


1. One

{ ariana }

"Sweety, wake up!" My mom shook me. "First day of second grade! How exciting!"

I rolled over to her and smiled. "Morning mom." I say to her.

"Good morning Ariana! Come on, I picked out your clothes!" She exclaimed. "And I already put the toothpaste on your toothbrush! Up up up!"

Sometimes my mom was more excited than me. "Okay mom, thank you." My mom left my room.

I put on what my mom picked out; a pink polka-dot shirt with denim jeans and pink Sketchers, then brushed my teeth and hair.

"ARIANAAAAAA! TIME FOR BREAAKFAAST!!" My brother, Frank, screamed.


I glanced at myself in the mirror one last time, then ran downstairs. "Good morning family..!" I say happily. "Morning SECOND grader! Wow Ari!" My dad says. I smile and grab my lunch and a bagel.

"Ok guys I have to go! The bus is gonna be here any minute! Bye mommy! Bye daddy! Hurry up Frank, we gotta go!!"

"Bye sweetie!" My mom and dad say in unison.

And Frank and I were out the door.

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