The triangle

Ally is in middle school and is normal intel... Ally her friend Harper and ally's crush Ace go on an adventure to save ally's dad from the Bermuda Triangle before it's to late.


2. Trouble

"Do you two know how much trouble you're in,"asked mrs Blad. Both of them nodded there heads."Now what are you are you going to do to pay me back," asked mrs Blad again.

"I don't know detonation," reapplied Ally.

"Yah detention...for two months, said Sophie. No Sophie not two months! Thought Ally.

"It's a deal, said mrs. Blad. "Don't leave girls I am not done with you yet."

"What," said Ally trying not to sound to annoyed.

"Mrs Ally principle now," shouted mrs Blad. Ally walked out of the room shaking with fright. Once she got to the office she sat down slowly.

"What is the problem, asked principal Gary.

"I was talking back to the teacher when I was already in huge trouble for texting mean things about the teacher, Ally managed to say.

"I am glad you told the truth Ally, said Gary. He stared down at the phone book and flipped pages. Oh no he's calling my mom! Thought Ally. He slowly picked up the phone. All Ally herd was "what!" And O.k. The whole time.

"Your mom is coming to have talk," said Gary. What felt like hours Allys mom finally arrived. Ally's mom sat down just as Ally had done before.

"Let's start shall we," said Gary breathing hard.

" My daughter is an A student a I don't think she would do anything wrong," said ally's mom.

"I did mom," Ally said quietly.

"What did you do," asked ally's mom.

"Molly (ally's moms name) let me explain, breathed Gary.

"She was in her class and she was texting her friend mean things about her teacher and they were already in trouble Ally talked back and here she is.

"ALLY, yelled Molly.

"I'm sorry, mom please," Ally said as she started to cry.

"Why don't you go home for the day," said Gary. They walked out the door and Ally went into her room when they got home.

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