The triangle

Ally is in middle school and is normal intel... Ally her friend Harper and ally's crush Ace go on an adventure to save ally's dad from the Bermuda Triangle before it's to late.


1. Me

        Ally is a fairly normal girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Today was the second week of middle scool and Ally was so exited to go.

        " Time to go,Ally!" yelled Ally's mom.

        "Coming!"yelled Ally as she ran up stairs and got into the car.

        "So who's you're best friend this year Ally?" Asked Ally's mom.

        "Her name is Sophie, she has red hair and green eyes." said Ally. She pictured Sophie in her mind, eager to see her again.

        "We're here!" Said Ally's mom.

         "Okay," Replied Ally. She met Sophie at the front door of Ashton Middle School.

          "Hi," said Sophie.

           "Hi," Ally said back. They walked in the doors. "Oof,"Ally blurted as she bumped into Ace."Oh sorry!" said Ally alarmed.

          "It's really okay," said Ace meanfully. The bell ring at that second.

         "Well we gotta go to class," said Sophie reminding Ally.

           "Oh right yeah," said Ally looking back at Ace.

           "Ok let's go," laughed Sophie.

            "This is going to be boring," Ally said with a stern face.

            " Come on it will not be so..."

"Take your seats girls," said there home room teacher mrs.Blad.Sophie took put her phone and texted to Ally, this is so boring.Ally replied, and this is just the start. Sophie, she is so mean.Ally, I know right.

           "Why dont you and Sophie share with the class what you are texing eachother." Mrs. Blad said. They walked up to the front of the class. Ally gulped as she did,

"This is so boring,"resided Sophie.

        "And this is just the start,"said Ally.

        "She is so mean,"said Sophie

"I know right," said Ally slowly."They both went back to there seats. 

         "Okay class have a good day," said mrs. blad. Evryone left the room. Accept Ally and Sophie


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