Punk Direction

One Direction, one of the most famous boybands in the world. From 2010 to 2013 they have astounded us with their talent. But now witness them in 2014..


6. You Monster!

*Zayn's POV*

I go and call Perrie and tell her what happened. She and I talk for a few then she said she'll meet me at her place.


*30 minutes later*


I arrive at Perrie's place. I knock on the door. She opens and stares at me with wide eyes. 

"You ok Perrie..?" I ask.

"Zayn... Well... You look different..." she replies.

"Well yea I told you I was..." I reply.

"Oh. Yea!" she says trying to manage a smile.

"Can I come in?" I ask.

"Oh yea! Come in! Sorry!" she replies staring down at her shoe.

I come inside. Her house is very neat. With old pictures of us on the wall. How I miss the old days. 

"So...." Perrie clears her throat. 

I look over at her. She's so damn pretty. I'm so lucky to be with an amazing girl like her. All the sudden something inside me sparks. I'm being taken over by my punk side. Uh Oh... My eyes are getting darker and darker. 

"Zayn? Are you ok?" Perrie asks. 

I grab Perrie and swing her over my shoulder. I carry her up to her room. I then lock her in her room so she can't escape.

"Zayn..? What are you doing?" she asks.

I then rip her clothes and my clothes off. 

"ZAYN NO!" Perrie yells. 

I then snap out of my trans. I see that I raped Perrie. No! NO! NO!

"Oh my god Perrie! I'm so sorry!" I exclaim.

"You monster! GET OUT!" she yells. 

She falls to the ground crying. I do as told and leave. I have to tell the boys about the punk side taking over. This is bad. Really really bad.

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