Sherlock: It's Raining Russians.

There weren't many cases that Sherlock's expertise had been of use lately, and he had found himself spending more time with Mycroft since John had moved out of 221B. He nor his brother had found someone to call their own, and of course neither of them intended to ever. It wasn't that they didn't posses the time because they had an excess amount of that lately. Mycroft was late and he never was. This visit would change Sherlock's life forever. That being said, this case he was about to embark upon would either make or break him. Would this case be for the greater good or would it destroy him?


1. The Case.

"Hmmm.." Sherlock took his seat in his chair and rubbed his temples.

It had been so long since he had an actual case that he deemed worthy. He glanced over at the table beside him. His cell phone lay there with a layer of dust that had formed from it's lack of usage. Who would call him if not for work anyway? John and his new lover would've just dropped in unannounced as would his brother, Mycroft. Mrs. Hudson would've let herself up. Sherlock sat there and closed his eyes, placing his hands together beneath his chin. He was bored. 

"Sherlock?" Mrs. Hudson walked in, calling his name. 

"Yes, Mrs. Hudson?" He opened his eyes and glanced over at her for a moment before picking up the paper he had laid beside his chair earlier.

"I know that today's the day that your wonderful brother stops by, but I won't be here to let him in. I don't know whether you'd like for me to leave the door unlocked or let you let him in."

"He should have been here hours ago. Just don't bother. Clearly something else has arisen itself and placed higher on his importance list than our meeting. I prefer it this way actually."

Mrs. Hudson smiled sympathetically. She knew even if he nor Mycroft would admit it they both enjoyed one another's company. "I'll be back later, dear. Are you in need of anything while I'm away?"

"Some milk."

"I'll bring it up when I get back." With that she was gone.

 Sherlock moved from his chair to the table. After a few clicks on his laptop, he slammed it shut. Still no emails.

"Tisk tisk.. You're going to break that, brother."

Sherlock turned towards Mycroft. He noticed a file under his arm, and a smile began to spread across his lips. Work.

"I got this call this morning. I am late before you say anything. I am aware."

Sherlock rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair. "Well go on, sit. Tell me what case this is you've brought me."

Mycroft sat across from Sherlock and opened up the file. He looked from the file to Sherlock and back. "Remember WWII? There were soldiers that would flee from the war and take their families with them. Sometimes they'd get away with it, but.."

"Yeah yeah, they always get caught. What's this about?"

"There's a young girl in danger. Her family has already been murdered."

Sherlock scooted up onto the edge of his chair. "Go on."

"Both of her grandparents have been murdered as has her parents. I need you to keep her safe and posses the ring that she has in her possession. It's an ancient Russian relic melted into it. It's worth over 1.8MIL."

"Why has this been brought to my attention?"

"You work better with the authorities than I do. John's more skilled with women."

Sherlock looked through the file. "An innocent girl was murdered?"

"Mhm, Lestrade and Donavan think the murders aren't related to the Levitsky family, but they are."

"I've not seen the crime scene, but it's bloody obvious they are one in the same. I'll call John and have him meet me there."

Mycroft closed the file and left it on the table leaving without anymore discussion.

Sherlock sat there, eyes closed for a few moments. He began to smile and ran into his room, coming back out in his coat and scarf, ready to go back to work.

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