Wildly Innocent

Natalie was an average goody two shoes. But when her friend convinces her to go to a party, she gets to wild. After missing her period the next month, she knew she was pregnant. Will she keep the baby? Who is the father?


2. Chapter 2

My name is Natalie.

I'm 17 and go to a high school.

I'm no popular girl but no need so I fit in the middle.

People know me as.... Well... No one knows me at all.

Besides my friend Kasey. She is a cheerleader and she helps me survive the high school experience.

Anyways, I come from a long line of lawyers.

My dad is a lawyer as well as my mother, grandfather, uncle, cousin, and brother.

My family has the expectation of me becoming a lawyer as we'll so their standards for me are set high.

But away from my messed up family, let's go on to the actual story.

It was Tuesday and I walked in school with a half granola bar in my mouth.

I held my essay with such care and love that I held it as if it my baby.

Since I was walking alone, I was glancing around to keep my self occupied.

I glanced inside the main office and spotted a familiar figure.

I took a step closer to analyze it more.

I saw his tie and realized it was my father!

What is my father doing here? He never comes!

The bell rang and the hallway was left with only 7 students.

I began to walk but kept in watch my dad until it went blank.

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