The 55th Hunger Games

Whisp Rivendell, a spunky girl from district 2 was first noticed as a child working in the factories. She one day got fed up with the peace keepers watching her and killed one that was about to whip her. the children in the factory cheered. But the peacekeeper army at district 2 didn't. Her sentence? death, but her family begged the head peace keeper until he raised the punishment. The Rivendells thought the worst was over but it only had just begun. that year at the reaping there was only one name in the girl's reaping bowl. It was Whisp's. Happy Hunger games! and may the odds be EVER in your favor!


3. Training And Interveiws

  The first day I wake up to folded training clothes lying ontop of a white dresser. I walk over to check them out and slip them on. Its a simple black pullover with a yellow streak down the side and a yellow 2 printed on the sleeve. Its a little tight but i guess that's how the style is supposed to be. The pants are black and simple. I brush my hair and tie my blonde hair back into a ponytail, my whisps of course fall out of the ponytail. I slash cold water on my face and find yellow boots on the floor by my door. I guess yellow is the theme for this year, I lace them up then head to breakfast.

  Mason and I head down to the training center where we are greeted by the head trainer, she tells us the rules then tells us a quick summery of each center. As she dismisses us i head over to a target, I notice that they are human shaped. I skim over the weaponry used for target practice. My hands reach for a set of deadly throwing knives, I step up to the throwing platform and the first target lights up. The heart lights up and before i can think my instinct launches the knife towards the target, hitting it smack in the middle of the heart. I notice Mason looking at me strangely but I launch another one quickly hitting the target perfectly. Before I know it the head trainer is at my side praising my throwing skills. I retrieve the knives but i do not put them back on the table. I keep them with me. Next I move onto the edible plants station. Soon all the tributes are down here training. The girl from district 1 is using a bow at the targets, I walk silently behind her, That's when I realize I do not like this girl. The girl launches her arrow and i throw my knife at the arrow. As the arrow hits the target my knife pierces the arrow and splits the arrow down the middle. The girl looks at me, scared almost. "A-allies?" she says in a shaky voice. "no thanks i work alone." I say.


  Days pass of training, not a minute of a day passes without me learning a new skill. I can fight with whatever weapon but i prefer knives. Mason is pretty good too, but i'm still pretty sure he doesn't like the idea of killing people. Today I wake up with a loud knock on the door. Veeva yells out that today will be spent working up on my interview tonight. I get dressed quickly and head to breakfast, i eat in silence until Mason speaks up. "I know your not much for allies, and i'm not much for battle. But maybe could we be allies?" he asks me. I look up at him. He's just a kid like me. "okay... but don't get in my way." i say looking down at my food. Mason smiles widely and fist pumps the air childishly then walks to his room. I scoff and keep eating until Chey comes up. "ok Whisp your my starting project. So who are you playing as?" she says. "I guess i never really thought it over. But a warrior, rebel, I don't know." i say shrugging as i finish up my food. Chey raises a eyebrow "We'll play you as who you are ok? I don't exactly have to coach you for that. Veeva will help you on etiquette when she's done with Mason. Until then you have time to reflect!" I nod and head to my room, My mind racing over thoughts about myself and who I am.


   "Ok Whisp, last time. What are the top 3 things to remember?" Veeva peers at me as i sit up straight and make eye contact. "Smile, Don't Stutter, Seem Happy" i recite. That's when my Designer comes in to save me. "We need to get you ready Whisp!" he says. I nod and follow him into the elevator. The next time it opens We are in a long hall, we walk towards a door labled with my name. Once inside my designer looks me over, "something's wrong.." he says, then kneels down to my level. "Listen to me Whisp, Not Veeva. Be yourself, don't smile and act like its all ok if its not." he says. My eyes sting, I want to cry. but all i can manage is a nod, Im frozen in thought as he dresses me and does be make up/hair. He steps back after a bit and turns me to look in a mirror. My dress is grey and tight, the same material of a sweater. on my neck is a necklace of chains, My shoes are black combat boots. and my hair is pulled into a bun, but the whisps are hanging in my face. My face is dark but pale and my eyes look shadowed. "its perfect."


   "PLEASE WELCOME FROM DISTRICT 2 WHISP!!!" Ceaser Flickerman yells out. I sigh and walk out in the silent stage, the crowd gasps, even Ceaser looks surprised at my simple outfit. I look out into the crowd and strike the sexiest look I have in me. Its not much but I may get a reaction, and reaction I get. the crowd bursts out in claps and screams, cameras flash and Ceaser offers me to sit. "So Whisp, The capital knows you as a rebel who did the games to pay for a crime. What was this crime?" Ceaser asks. DANG. I think, but the truth is what they will get. "I snapped the neck of a previous head peacemaker and caused him death." i say shrugging. The audience gasps, i know that Snow must be very happy right now... "Why did you do this Whisp?" Ceaser asks studying my face. "He was abusing a girl I was friends with... he was about to kill her and all she did was take a break." I say. the audience nods as if agreement t my actions will do me any good. "Anything you would like to add?" Ceaser says, obviously out of ideas. "Just that this years tributes need to watch out for me. Because i need to get back to my family." my eyes find the camera. "I will get back. I promised them. I will come back." i say. The audience claps and whistles for me. I'm not sure i made a good impression. I'm not good at making friends anyways. I trudge off the stage. After i leave nobody cheers for more. Great. I blew it. I sigh and head back to the room to change back.       



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