The 55th Hunger Games

Whisp Rivendell, a spunky girl from district 2 was first noticed as a child working in the factories. She one day got fed up with the peace keepers watching her and killed one that was about to whip her. the children in the factory cheered. But the peacekeeper army at district 2 didn't. Her sentence? death, but her family begged the head peace keeper until he raised the punishment. The Rivendells thought the worst was over but it only had just begun. that year at the reaping there was only one name in the girl's reaping bowl. It was Whisp's. Happy Hunger games! and may the odds be EVER in your favor!


4. The Days Before the Games

 After my weak interview Veeva and Chey tell me they'll do everything they can to get sponsors but I may not have very many. So I trudge back to my room and wash the make-up and undo my hair. I sleep bad that night and keep getting images of back home. The next days I wake up and go to training. I watch other tribute's fighting styles and take a mental note of where there weak spots are. I talk to Mason about our plans for the games and pretty soon we have a routine planned out in our heads.


   The day of our private sessions arrive quickly and I wake up feeling anxious. I change into my training clothes and chow down on a healthy breakfast. "Hey Whisp." Mason says walking out of his room. "Hey" I reply back. He takes the seat next to me and looks at me with a odd expression. "what is it?" i ask suddenly a bit scared. "The careers invited me to join them, Joining them will make the games so much easier. But i said i wouldn't except until you came too. So they invited you too." he sputters out. Anger rises inside me and I slam my fist on the table, shattering some glass cups, but i don't care. "you seriously thought that they actually want you? No they don't! they act like your friend and then the kill you in your freaking sleep!" I yell out. Mason's face seems to shatter into a billion sad bits. "You don't trust people in the hunger games Mason." I say before I leave the table and go into another capitol themed room and lock the door. The room is plain and has no furniture. I guess they figured we didn't need it.


  I wait in a dim hallway for my turn in a private session. Tonight is my last night here at the capitol. Tomorrow morning I will be on my way to the arena. A peacekeeper comes in and signals for my turn. I walk into a large room. It looks like the training center except now the gamemaker's balcony is packed full. I look around me and head towards the human targets. I grab 2 throwing knives and wait until the gamemakers are all looking at me. I whip around and throw the knife at the first target, within a second all the knives are headed towards the targets. when the knives with the targets they don't stop there. My knives burst through the target and stick on the wall behind it. "thank you." I say and nod at the gamemakers. But this only took a couple seconds to throw my knives so i exit by climbing up a pole and crawling through the rafters then i drop the the floor and exit through the door. The door closes behind me but I can hear the game makers clapping and cheering. Finally. Something done right.

   Within a couple hours i'm sitting in the screening room waiting for my training scores. I glance across at Mason who is smiling.  guess he must have done something good. Finally its district 2's turn to show scores. Masons face lashes across the screen and under it a number lights up. 9. I guess that's good coming from a boy who cried his eyes out at the reaping. Cheers erupt around me. All congratulating Mason. Next my face flashes on. Under it a number lights up. 11. I'm suddenly surrounded asking me what i did and congratulating me. I just keep my mouth just and stare over at Mason who is now frowning. I raise a eyebrow at him then head towards me room. I need sleep now. The real games start tomorrow.         

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