The 55th Hunger Games

Whisp Rivendell, a spunky girl from district 2 was first noticed as a child working in the factories. She one day got fed up with the peace keepers watching her and killed one that was about to whip her. the children in the factory cheered. But the peacekeeper army at district 2 didn't. Her sentence? death, but her family begged the head peace keeper until he raised the punishment. The Rivendells thought the worst was over but it only had just begun. that year at the reaping there was only one name in the girl's reaping bowl. It was Whisp's. Happy Hunger games! and may the odds be EVER in your favor!


6. First 2 Days In The Arena

  I fling myself towards the cornucopia, running with all my strength, full out sprint. I hit the cornucopia before most of my other fellow tributes. I quickly fasten the throwing knife belt holder around my waist and pull out the first one killing a tribute that's coming at me with a sword. I retrieve the knife fast and kill another tribute. Mason picks up a spear and throws it at the girl from 1. It sticks her right in her heart. He looks at me smiling. "I should have stayed with you." he says spearing another tribute. I look at him and roll my eyes as I throw a backpack over my shoulder. I see a pack of daggers that also attaches to my belt and grab it quickly then throw a knife as hard as I can at 3 tributes coming my way. They must have been allies. My knife hits the first one killing him on the spot. I get another knife and throw it at the second one but the third one is gaining on me and I start to panic. I miss the second one by and inch and know I can only kill one of them in the matter of seconds I have before they kill me. I kill the third one and expect to die quickly of the second one but a spear hits him. Mason's spear. "allies?" he asks me quickly as I throw a knife towards a tribute. I go to retrieve my knives as Mason takes care of the last couple tributes that rushed to the cornucopia. "Okay..." I say hoping I can trust him. But if I can trust him I know I can kill him easily.


  I take 3 coils of thin wire/rope then run off into the woods with my back pack and knives. Mason and I dash through the forest matching each others pace a line of trees separate us and I dash ahead of him entering a clearing before him. He smiles and I smirk. "I'm faster!" I say before I sprint off, Mason catches up easily and starts sprinting full out. He catches up to me but I keep sprinting and soon were neck and neck. He reaches out and pulls me behind as she pulls ahead. I regain my balance and sprint back to him and yank him behind. I throw my hand up and sprint feeling almost free from the grey skies of district 2. Free is the last thing I am though, I'm in a world that's caged with predators that are all blood thirst. I slow down feeling sad but Mason laughs and pushes me ahead, I run neck and neck with him once again. Our eyes lock and my hair whisps drift freely in the wind. I swear I see him mouth my name and smile but soon he sprints ahead of me. I'll give it to him, he's fast. But not fast enough, I run ahead and feel free finally, "WHISP!" a scream escapes from behind me and I stop my face flushed with fear. "MASON." I scream, my voice cracking. I don't see him and breath hard screaming again for him. "Boo!" Mason screams popping out behind me. I shriek and cover my mouth with my hand. "You made me so scared! I thought you where dead! Somebody probably heard us!" I pant out. "I thought you where dead!" I say. Mason looks at me suddenly serious, "Whisp I would never leave you." he says with soft eyes. He takes my chin and kisses me on my lips. If I wasn't so in love I would probably pull away and kill him. But I decide that I love him. And I would never kill a loved one. One thought races through my mind though. Only one of us will make it out.


  We make camp near the tallest tree. Before it gets to dark I set a trap that strings a tribute into a noose, Then I climb to a hidden branch in the tree and wait for the anthem. The sky flashes and suddenly the anthem is playing full blast. The faces flash across the sky. I count them one by one. I'm up to 5 when the girl from 1 flashes across. I look down to Mason and suddenly feel my stomach lurch. The alliance is broken off and now the boy from 1 is after him. I shake off the feeling and watch the sky. At the end I counted 13 faces. Wow. I can't help but feel a sickening feeling as I drift off to my rest.


   As I wake up I slide out of the tree and wonder where Mason is. His spears are gone so I think maybe he is hunting. I sit around feeling useless until I stop a sparkle In the thick tree lining. Water. Before I have time to think I'm sprinting towards It with my backpack strung across one arm. I reach the water and fill up all the empty containers and bottles in my backpack with the water. I walk back to the camp and search for the purifier in my backpack. I'm about to empty a package into a bottle when I hear a rustle in the distance. I pin myself against a tree finding out I blend in perfectly. A figure breaks into the clearing and I pin the figure to a tree in a matter of seconds with my knife almost in his throat. "HEY WOAH WHISP NO." Mason says. I stand back And look at him. "oops." I say quietly. Mason laughs and holds up a rabbit. "Is this a treat?" I can't help but gasp. Rabbits are very rare in my district so its actually a treat to eat one. I motion to the 5 full cans of water and Mason smiles. "This is perfect" He says and I can't help but feel proud. I purify the water and we eat the rabbit. We pack up camp and grab our weapons. Then its time to move out.


  We run though the woods whooping and yelling. I jump over logs and duck under low branches matching my pace to Mason's. A girl from 6 and another girl from 10 run at Mason and I. I take the girl from 6 out before Mason even raises his spear. But within a matter of seconds 2 cannons fire. We keep walking in the forest talking about plans and how to survive. I suddenly hear a scream and remember the trap I set. I grab Mason and sprint back to the trap site. "here's the plan. you can kill the tribute with your spear then i'll yank the rope off before the hovercraft comes." I yell out. We reach the screaming tribute in a matter of minutes. Mason kills her and I yank away the rope, then away we walk like nothings happened.


  By late afternoon in hungry and getting tired quickly. Mason agrees its time to set up camp so I find a big tree and set up my night trap then walk a bit away to a tall grass field. "This would be prefect!" Mason says as he walks into the tall grass. My spine tingles and I hear the ear piercing squeaks before I see the small animals. "MASON!" I scream to him but its to late. The first mutt mouse has reached him and he screams as they rip away flesh and insert the poisen into his body. I need to get him out of there fast but I don't know how. I can't dive in there or I'll surely die with him. Mason falls down into the trap and I know its almost to late. I grab his hand at the last second and haul him out of the mice pit into the shade of the trees. I look at my options but I can't chase away the poison with anything I posses in my backpack. My eyes blur and I try to stop whats coming. "No. No. I'm hell bound without you." I say pleading to the unconscious Mason. "Help." I whisper to the empty air. I almost miss the silver parachute gliding down to me.


  Within a hour Mason is woken up and feeling great. I tend to him and continue the spread the million dollar antidote that saved his life. "You saved me." Mason says as I finish spreading the cream on his arms. "No I didn't" I say "The ointment did." He fixes those eyes of his on mine and holds me close. "But you stuck by my side and didn't run away from the fear." He says. I smile and he gasps. "What?" I say looking around. "You smiled. I never saw you smile before." He says before kissing me again. We both pull away at the same time as the anthem comes on. I help him into bed and then stand guard looking at the faces in the sky. 4 more dead. Then the sky goes silent and I start a soft tune, but soon I seem to be singing to the wind.  



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