Harry Potter's kids and the wizard's grave

Albus and James Potter go to hogwarts where they find evil lurking


2. the new comers

         So I am going to Hogwarts, finally, and you know what happens we get attacked! I mean that is so not fair. I have always wanted to go to Hogwarts but no, the world has too play a very, very cruel joke on me and all the other first years. I hate you world.

         " Everyone off the train," yelled some one up front probably the conductor. "We're under attack!" Oh really, like we didn't know that already. everyone went off the car except the four kids I just met.

          "Come on," I yelled at them, "get off the train!"

          "We got to find my cat," Emma said over the noise of the raging fight outside. They ran into the next car before I could say anything else.

      "Come on Albus we have to go," James said a sad look on his face. As we got off the Hogwarts express the

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