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I will never forget the day me and my friend (Harreh_Hipster) went on a Cruise . So I am going to tell you the whole story. Well as me and my friend enter the Cruise, we looked over and saw Naill just standing there alone then we looked over again and there was Liam. So if they were there we were sure ALL of them were there. So now we are on the Cruise with One Direction! Well me and my friend start wondering around and we saw Harry and Louis walking around, and then we saw Zayn at the water park part which is weird because he doesn't know how to swim. So we go to our room and I have to admit they were pretty cool rooms, we put our stuff a way. As we go out are room we see the Boys go into there room, turns out they are right across from us. We decide to go to the water park, so we get ready and go to the water park. We get there and we see the Boys again and their going down the slide and they are write in front of us, we got to the end of the slide and Naill asked my friend and I to go to dinner with them. So me and my friend go to our room and start to like scream and cry, then on and go get our best dress on and some cute earrings and stuff. the Boys came and then we went to dinner. After dinner we went back to our room and got in our pajamas and went to bed, my bed was white and her bed was red. She woke up at like six-o'clock to get ready, and I woke up at like at 8:00 to get ready. Anyway after we got ready we went to go eat Breakfast. After that we saw this club called "TheFanClub", so we went to go check it out, it was so cool it was red and white and on the red walls it said 1D in white, then on the white walls it said 1D in red. Then write at the end of the long room with nothing in it , there were the join the club sheets at least that's what it said on the papers, so my friend and I joined the club. The wall turned all red, and then all white, after it turned into a T.V and it said "Come back tomorrow at 10:00am sharp". So we left the room and checked the time it was only 12:00 in the afternoon. We went back to the room and I started to think about the walls and the T.V , I looked over to see what my friend was doing and it seemed like she knew what was going on, I asked her if she knew and she shrugged her shoulder and said "No" but not in a mean way. I couldn't get that thought out of my head, but we went to explore more of the Cruise. And by then it was 10:00pm and so went to back to our room and went to bed. It was 9:30 and my friend woke me up and she wasn't ready either so we hurried and got ready by 9:55 and we ran to the club, luckily we got there as soon as the clock hit 10:00am, the walls did the same thing and the TV said "You made it, you guys are in the club" the walls went back to normal. We looked for a clue and my friend yelled "A BIG RED BUTTEN" so of course she touches it, the walls did it again TV said " I will open this wall so you may join" the walls went normal, and the back wall opens and we go through it, it was like and elevator in fact it was and elevator and it took us all the way to the bottom of the Cruise, it opened and there were people every were including One Direction. We go up closer and we can here them on stage singing Midnight Memories, we get closer and we can see them a little bit better. And then we sit in seat B-3 and B-4 close enough to see there exact hight. They called people that sat B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, and B-5 on stage , and so we get up and go on stage. They start singing while we were sitting on a stool, each of us were about probably 4-5 feet a part. The concert is over we go to head out the doors, the boys stop us and asked is we wanted to come to the Movie Theater tomarrow around 4:30 we said yes and then we leave to go to bed. It is now morning and we wanted to go to breakfast so we did we ordered and ate. We leave for breakfast the boat started to shake out of control, we go

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