Ashleigh's had enough of being treated like shit over and over again by guys. She's convinced: All men are the same.
So, she's decided to give up dating for the time being, despite her friends' protests.
They try everything to change her mind, even introducing her to the One Direction hotties!
But when her besties push too far, and Ashleigh's world is flipped upside down, will Niall be there to help her through it? And if he makes a promise, can Ashleigh trust him to keep it?


4. Chapter Three: French Toast and Pillow Fights

   Sorry for not updating. So, how you liking the story so far??? Oh and what do you think about a Skylar-Harry-Claire love triangle??


  *Ashleigh's P.O.V.*

    I woke up the next morning at about 10. I stumbled into the bathroom to take a quick shower. After I got out, I towel dried my hair leaving it a little wet so it would curl. I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped into my closet. I grabbed a turquoise and dark blue 3/4 sleeve striped shirt, a pair of dark blue washed skinny jeans, and a pair of blue converse. I changed quickly and put on my crystal heart necklace and promise ring. They were gifts from Niall after I told him I had to move. I grabbed my brush and brushed out my hair. Once it was knot free, I put it up in a waterfall braid. I completed the look with a bit of mascara and peachy pink lip stick.

  I grabbed my phone off its charger to see I had a text from Niall.

    From: Nialler ♥ ;)

   Hey Ash! Can't wait to see you later!! Will you go on the Ferris Wheel with me? The boys are too chicken.

   ~Niall Xx

   I rolled my eyes before typing a quick reply.

  To: Nialler ♥ ;)


   ~Ash Xx

    P.s.The boys are wimps

  I skipped down the stairs taking them two at a time 'cause I'm awesome like that. I went to the kitchen and started cooking. A little while later, I had two plates of French Toast and three bowls of Apple Crisps. I knew we wouldn't be able to eat all that by ourselves, so I invited the boys over for breakfast,

   To: Nialler ♥ ;) , Carrot King Tommo, #toogood4u, Lemonhead, and Hazza

 Do you wanna come over for breakfast? It's Cinnamon French Toast and Cinnamon Apple Crisps!!! :)

    ~Ash Xx

    Seeing that Natalie and Skylar weren't up yet, I went upstairs to wake them up. And by wake them up, I mean yell. scream, play loud music, and jump on them until they get their asses out of bed.

    When they finally got up and yelled at me to get out so they could change, I went to the living room and played Temple Run 2. Nat and Sky Sky walked into the room right as someone knocked on the door. Skylar had on a pair of black yoga pants, a blue over-sized sweater that had the number 89 on it, and blue moccasins. Natalie wore a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, a gray over-sized sweater that said love, and gray Uggs. I answered the door to see five smiling boys.

    "Hello!" They said. I smiled "Hi, guys." Natalie grumbled, and Skylar threw a pillow at Harry. Harry walked past me into my flat. Skylar threw 3 more pillows at Harry. Harry caught it and threw it back. Skylar threw another pillow at him and it hit him it the arm. Sometime during this, the rest of the boys walked in. I shut the door, and when I turned my attention back to the mini pillow fight, Skylar was trying to hit Harry while he held her wrists. He leaned down and whispered something in her ear that made her blush and looked offended. Natalie looked shocked. "HARRY EDWARD STYLES, YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!" Harry kissed Skylar and then let her go, resulting in her smacking his arm. "EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! NO PDA!!!!!!!" Louis yelled. Harry simply smirked.

     "Food's in the kitchen." I whispered to Niall.

    "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" He yelled, causing everybody to run into the kitchen. I got out eight plates and eight forks and piled each with 5 pieces of French Toast and a scoop of Apple Crisps. For a while the only sound you could hear was the munching of food.

    "Alright, right now we have to go to the interview, then we'll come back here and pick you girls up around 1:30. That sound good? " Liam asked. We all nodded. "Sounds fine." He smiled. "Great see you then." "Bye!" we called as they walked down the hall. Skylar ran out and threw a pillow at Harry, hitting him in the back of the head.

  "Owwwww!" he complained.

 "I WIN HAROLD!" She yelled. Harry threw the pillow back and Skylar ran back inside before it could hit her.

 I grabbed it and tossed it on the couch. It was only noon o' clock, so we had an hour and a half until the boys picked us up.

  I can't wait until tonight.

---------------------------------------------1 1/2 hours later----------------------------------------------------------------

  I was wearing the exact same thing as earlier, but I put in my Eiffel Tower earrings. Skylar changed into a black T-Shirt with a gold cross on it, white skinny jeans, a jean jacket, and black flats. Natalie wore the same skinny jeans, a crystal blue ruffle tank top, black converse, and a black leather jacket. We all grabbed our phones and headed downstairs to meet the boys.

 I saw a black van pull up. A door opened and out popped the boys. They gave us each a hug.

 "well what are you waiting for? Get in!" Louis said, jumping up and down like a six year old. I sat in the back in between Niall and Nat. Skylar sat in between Harry and Zayn, Louis drove, and Liam was shotgun.

   "So, what do you wanna do when we get there?" I asked Niall. "FERRIS WHEEL!" he said.

"But the ferris wheel looks prettier when it's dark out." I said. "Let's go on the Sizzler!" "Fine." he huffed. I giggled. He's so cute when he's mad!

   Niall grinned. He picked up my hand and looked at finger with the ring on it.

 "You still have this?" He asked. I nodded. "Why would I get rid of it?"

He shrugged. "I thought you might have forgotten about it." "Don't you remember the promise I made when you gave me this?" I asked. Niall smiled wider. "Yeah. You promised to never forget about me." "And I never did." He pulled me into a hug. There it was again! Every time he touched me, I felt a little electric shock.

 I felt the van stop.

 "We're here!"


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