Ashleigh's had enough of being treated like shit over and over again by guys. She's convinced: All men are the same.
So, she's decided to give up dating for the time being, despite her friends' protests.
They try everything to change her mind, even introducing her to the One Direction hotties!
But when her besties push too far, and Ashleigh's world is flipped upside down, will Niall be there to help her through it? And if he makes a promise, can Ashleigh trust him to keep it?


2. Chapter One: NO MORE BOYS!

    Alright, first chapter is up! Try not to hate it too much.


      *Ashleigh's P.O.V.*

    "Bullshit. Complete bullshit." I said as I sipped my soda. "I will absolutely, positively, NEVER be that stupid again." Now that I've learned how to play the dating game, I'm quitting it. And I'm not budging on this." I set my cup down on the table at flopped down, cross-legged, on my comfy turquoise bean bag. My best friends, Natalie and Skylar groaned in protest. Natalie laid stretched out across the couch and Skylar was sitting in a fuchsia bean bag. We just so happened to be talking about my top two least favourite topics ever. Dating and exes.

    All of my relationships had ended shitty and I was done with it. Ninety percent of my exes either were cheaters or abused me. I was so freaking tired of getting treated like shit. So, I simply gave up. Until I find someone who'll treat me right, I won't date. Natalie and Skylar, despite my protests, had tried numerous times to set me up with a complete stranger. And every time I've said "No." I'm a strong girl and I'm standing my ground.

    "Come on, Ash!" Skylar pouted. She held up her pinkie finger. "I pinkie promise you won't get hurt this time!" I sighed. "Skylar I know you say that, and you have tried really hard to make sure I don't get hurt, but you can never know. And you know how much I hate not knowing! I've already given up dating, and I'm standing my ground!" I said for what seemed the millionth time.

               You and I,

           we don't wanna be like them,

         we can make it to the end!

     Skylar's phone started ringing. "Uh, I'll be right back. I gotta take this." She put her phone up to her ear as she left the room. "Hello?"

         "So whatchya doin'?" I asked. innocently. I waited for a few moments, but got no answer. Nat was completely absorbed in her phone. "Hello?" I sing-songed a little louder. This time, Nat looked up.

          "Huh?" She asked. "I said 'What's up'? " I repeated. "Uh. . .the ceiling?" I gave her a look. "The sky? Jesus? Unicorns? I don't know what the hell you're talking about!" Natalie rambled. I was about to question her odd behavior when there was a knock on the door.

     "I'm sorry but this isn't a good-" I broke off as I saw a very gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed boy. "time." I finished. "Uh, I'm not trying to be rude, but 1) Who are you, and 2) Why are you at my flat?" 

       He laughed, and I swear I could have melted. I felt heat creep into cheeks and looked at my feet, embarrassed to be blushing, which made me blush more. "1)" he began. "I'm Niall Horan and 2) I was invited over by Skylar." HE HAD AN IRISH ACCENT. Wait, back it the hell up. Skylar invited a stranger over to MY flat, without even telling me. "Skylar? As in Skylar Hilton?"  He nodded. "That's the one. Anyway, she said she wanted me to meet someone named Ashleigh." I think my face was deep red by now, but this time with anger. "Um, should I go...?" he asked. I shook my head. "No, no, come on in, Niall." he stepped past me, our hands brushing against each other's ever so slightly. I felt a small burst of electricity shoot up my arm. I pictured myself on his arm, everywhere he went.

   Then, I mentally slapped myself.

You gave up dating, idiot! and angry voice shouted in the back of my head. Only until I found a nice guy! A kinder voice argued back. This went on a couple of minutes before I snapped. "Shut up!" I said. Niall and Natalie looked at me. I realized how stupid I must have sounded, yelling at nothing to shut up. To avoid drawing anymore attention to myself, I shouted,

    "Skylar! You have a visitor."


         So, what did you think???????? Next chapter will be up soon! Promise!





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