Love At First Sight

What happens when a girl who gets kicked out of her parents house,moves in with Harry Styles and his mates?Love?No one knows.Will she even stay?

Well this girls name is Amanda.But u have to read the rest.


2. meeting them

After talking for 3 hours:Harry's POV

She was really pretty.We talked for what seemed like days.Amanda's full name was Amanda Marie Diaz,she was 5'8,had wavy blonde hair,light brown eyes,was 19,she says she has been a directioner since we were on XFacter,and lastly I wanted her to be mine.

"Do u know me now? Or should we stay for another hour getting to know each other?"I said sipping my coffee.

"I think I know u pretty well , how 'bout u"Amy said standing up."I know u better than I know Niall!"I stood up and started laughing.

"So is that a yes or no on staying with me and my mates?"I asked putting her bags into the trunk and closing it."well I got no where else to stay,so it's a definite YES"Amy yelled jumping on me and giving me and huge thank u hug."Sorry,I've been wanting to hug the famous Harry Styles for years!"she apologized bowing like if I was a king or something.

So she was pretty,smart,and had a sense of humor.Damn,I hit the jackpot! We talked and singed along to one direction songs.She was a really good singer too."We're here" I Said stopping the car and rushing to the other side of the car to open the door for her."well thank u Harry,Now can u plz get my bags,thx love!"she said kissing me on the cheek.

When we walked inside Niall was running around naked chasing Zayn yelling" give me a hug Zaynie boo!" And Louis was faking crying on the couch,Liam must have been in the bathroom or in his room.

"Oh my god"Amy yelled hiding behind me covering her eyes."GUYS!"I yelled getting their attention.They all stopped and staring at me and Amanda."Lads this is Amanda but she prefers people to call her Amy"I said getting out from infront of her so they could see her."Now Harry,how many times do we have to tell u not to bring people of the street? JUST KIDDING!nice meeting ya love" Zayn said kissing her hand.But stopped when i shot him a death glare."Niall if I may say,can u please put on some pants"Amy said covering her eyes again."oh yea,right.Ill go put them on now"

"NO WAY! It's Louis!"Amy yelled running over to lou and throwing herself at him giving him a huge hug."Haha!Im her favorite!"Louis yelled sticking his tongue out and hugging her back.

"I don't have a favorite,but if I had to pick it would be either Harry or Louis.Maybe Zayn too"She said running over to me and hugging me.

"Well someone loves hugs!But I haven't gotten one"Zayn pouted

She was gonna go give him a hug but I wouldn't let go of her."MINE!"I yelled like a child grabbing onto both her legs.

"Awww that's cute, Harry likes me best!"Amy yelled getting me up and messing up my hair

"NO HE LIKES ME BEST!"Lou yelled

"Back off Lou ,we both know he likes me best"she said kissing my cheek again.

"I like both of u best,NOW STOP THE YELLING!"I yelled.

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