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My love story with Harry Styles is about how a normal girl fall in love and is the girlfriend of the most hottest man in high school


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Later that day i was walking through the place we eat, like always i was sitting alone just drinking a Dr.Pepper because i dont like that people watch me while i am eating. I was so alone dreaming that i was havind sex with Harry. While i was dreaming i saw him coming to my table with two drinks. When he was coming to my table i was like FUCK he is coming to talk to me. After all that he sat in the table and said: Hey how are you? I was so nervous and i really dont know how but i could answer that i was good. Then we started talking about life. I was so exited talking to Harry but then the stupid bell rang! I was like SHIT!! I was waiting for him to hug me, kiss me or somthing erotic but he didnt do anuthing of that he just gave me his hand

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