Nueva movella

My love story with Harry Styles is about how a normal girl fall in love and is the girlfriend of the most hottest man in high school


1. Hottest man alive

I was starting my last high school year, i was walking through the door of my grade and i saw the hottest man ever. He was tall and he had long, black and curly hair. I was so exited because he was going to be in my class. Few minutes later, my guide teacher told me that he wasnt in my glass. In my mind i was like FUCK!!!

(History class)

I walk into the room and choosed a chair from the back. The teacher walk in the room and he said his name and all the shitty stuff new teacher do. During the class i was almost sleeping! The class was so fucking bored. The only good thing in the class was the teacher! Mr.Horan always looked good. Somtimes i felt like Aria from Pretty Little Liars.

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