that one crazed fan

after the concert was over on person caught my eye. glasses crazy messed up hair braces she look like a nerd but something told me I need to look out for her....


3. next

the next day was school and I was getting ready to show off my outfit, when I got a text from Carra that said " OMG hurry up we got to get 2 skool big fight between Cameron and JUSTIN! GET OUT HERE ASAP" I ran outside to where Carra's mom was going to drive us to school.

Oh my gosh there's a fight going on right now between the two hottest boys in school MARLEY. I wonder who will win Carra said.

I don't know but im rooting for Justin, I hopes he likes my outfit today im gonna try and talk too him.

we arrived at school and Carra said goodbye to her mother and she drove off. we ran to the middle of the parking lot were to Cameron price (hottie) and Justin turner (hottie) were both about to fight to the death Justin had already had a bloody  nose and Cameron had teeth missing.

"WOOH CAMERON KICK HIS BUTT YOU CAN DO IT!" half of the school was shouting the other half was screaming " COME ON JUSTIN DONT LET HIM HURT YOU"!

As soon as thing were about to get good Mr. Zinger our principle came out yelling screaming "WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS GOING ON HERE !? GET TO CLASS OR YOU WILL HAVE DENTION" he shouted. Everyone ran out except for Cameron and Justin who were in major trouble. When the bell rang for lunch everyone was talking about  the fight even me and Carra! Justin was sitting a table away from with a couple of his friend and there it came out from no where Natalie Woods the most prettiest  girl in the school head cheerleading straight A student I didn't have anything against her its just I didn't like that she always talking  to just my Crush. Natalie walked right up Justin without any problems she had long brownish blond hair wearing stilettos a tight jeans and bright yellow blouse ." That was really brave of you Justin to try to beat up Cameron he's really tough" she said with a smirk

"yeah thanks Natalie I got jacked up pretty good" Justyn said

"Ya you did. I feel bad  if you feel better call me im having a party Friday night and I  want you to come."

"Alright and ill see if I can make It": he said with a chuckle

"OK great see you then" and she gave him a wink.

As Natalie was walking away and I was going to throw my trash away I ran right into Natalie, spaghetti all down her nice blouse


"Im so sorry I didn't mean to, can I help you clean up your shirt?''


and she stomping away in anger. and then as I turned around I bumped right into Justin

Oh sorry Marley didn't see you there"

"You know my name?"i said shyly

"uhh yeah its Marley isn't it ?"

"yeah it is "i said

nice outfit Marley I love your new look I gotta go but ill catch you round"

Uhh yeah bye!'' I said almost drooling

OH my gosh Marley he talked to you"

I know he's adorable"

yeah sure lets go were gonna be late for class" she said dragging me away



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