that one crazed fan

after the concert was over on person caught my eye. glasses crazy messed up hair braces she look like a nerd but something told me I need to look out for her....


2. meeting them

its was my birthday and me and Carra were at my house celebrating my birthday " HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLEY" everone shouted. blow out your candles sweetie my mother said, and I did "okay Marley we have a surprise for you" my dad said

" well bring it"

"okay here" he placed paper like feel in my hands


"Oh my goodness were going to see one direction" squealed Carra

"I know!, thanks mom and dad your the best"

"your welcome dear" here 50 dollars to go to the mall you buywhatever you want its your birthday"

"thanks, lets go Carra I need a new wardrobe"


while we were at the mall I needed fashion tips from people like whats new and hip theses days I didn't know Carra ddint know but someone did.

we bumped right into two  ladies, "OH im soo sorry hun I didn't see u there" One of the ladies had light brown hair she seemed nice and she was very pretty, she introduced herself

Hello my name is Marcy and this is my friend Marge, Marge had blond sorta of hair and brown highlights and was tall. and had very lovely eyes.

 "Can we do anything for you two today?" Marge said

"there is one thing"  I said shyly


"well what is it?" Marcy said

"Well we need fashion advice, what do wear, what to do with our hair, what makeup to wear, shoes and more "

"Oh my gosh I always wanted to do one of theses like fashion spree things this gonna be fun" Marcy squealed

As we went into store thru store looking and buying things  and having fun and laughing I actually felt like one of the girls. I had never went shopping like this before I was having a blast. Carra had soo much fun too I felt like me and Carra  could actually be popular for once! and people wouldn't make fun of us!

"Alright Marley we gotta go but if you need anything else here my number and here Marcy number two" Marge said

"thanks so much you two were a big help I couldn't of done it without out yall"

no problem Marley, now go get dem boys! she growled, and they strode   off.


Okay so what are u gonna  were tomorrow so the cheer freaks wont make fun of us" said Carra

"im gonna wear this mini skirt and this v-neck''

OH Marley getting sassy for tommrow " she hissed

im gonna try and impress Justin Turner! last Thursday he winked at me"

" Really Marley good luck, but  I heard he likes Jordan purnell that new chick

"oh well ill talk to you later Carra see ya''

"Bye girl



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