that one crazed fan

after the concert was over on person caught my eye. glasses crazy messed up hair braces she look like a nerd but something told me I need to look out for her....


4. im in the zone

At school I was trying get Justin's number, but I knew I wasn't ready for that and to chicken so I waited a while. walking to 3rd period I saw him in the hallway he stopped me and we started talking

"hey Marley you look nice. im having a party Friday night you should come alright"

I thought that  was the night of Natalie's party? weren't going to hers ? I said

" nah I want to have a party instead I honestly don't really like Natalie that much she a drama queen, to much for me." he said grinning

"I giggled " yeah okay ill be there do I need to bring anything?"

just yourself, You can bring Carra if you like you two are pretty cool. ill see you around. he said walking away.

did he really just invited the two lamest people to his party and say we were cool!? Wow I was really in the zone maybe we starting to like me but he couldn't or could he. I ,was I was so rudely interupped while day dreaming when Jordan Purnell tapped on my shoulder excuse me little girl can you get my pencil its on the floor. Jordan had dark flowing hair nice hot pink shoes and a beautiful personality ever one loved her, and almost ever boy had a crush on her.i looked at her and then at the pencil on the floor and just picked it up.

"Here Jordan ''

"Thanks your a lifesaver, I couldn't of done that by myself "

" Yeah I know'' I said rolling my eyes

'' see you later hun '' and she walked away

whatever. As soon as I got home I called Marge and Marcy for advice again, Marcy picked up the phone.

"Hello its Marcy I mean Marge I mean both Im so confused"  she said

hey Marcy and Marge its the girl from the mall Marley I need more advice

"what is it" Marge said

"well there is this boy I like and he never talked to me until I started wearing my new clothes and he just asked me to come to his party he's having and he called me pretty cool how do I know he likes me or not?"

"well Marley you need to get he's number and talk to him also make him laugh people are WAY more attractive when you make them laugh " Marcy said

"well how do I get his number?" I asked

"Easy you ask for it duh" Marge said

I don't think I can do that Marge

"Sure you can Marcy its easy. don't call back tomorrow without his number. and she hung up "

wow great help I said to myself I got my phone and scrolled through instagram I really didn't have any followers so I just really look at pictures  of one direction my favorite was harry and I couldn't not wait to see him in  person in just a couple. of week its amazing what money can buy. Tonight was Justin's party and I was ripping through my closet to find what to wear because I didn't know what to wear I was freaking out! so I called Carra to see what she was wearing she picked up on the first ring.

"hey Carra what are u wearing to Justin's party I don't what im going to wear"

"Did you not get my text Marley I cant go to Justin's party mom said she's not trusting going to a boys party that she doesn't now'' she said sadly

'' OH my gosh no I didn't get that text! what am I gonna do now I cant go without you Carra''

'' YES you can and you are ! you need to make him like you, you  need get to know him better Marley you can do it" she said with passion

"Your right Marley I can do it and get his number''

'' that right Marley I got to go but call me back later and tell me what went down"'

alright. and I hung up so I sucked it up and wore a black shirt that said '' nerd life " and butt huggin jeans and black ugg boots. I was ready for the party I had my mom drive me to his house as we pulled up my mom hugged me and said ''call  me when its over ill have your dad pick up" okay mom I said shutting the door

I walked up to Justin's door and knocked on it Justin answer the door "hey Mars'' can i call you that, mars?'' he asked

''sure I don't mind'' I said

he walked me down stairs to where the actual party was where ever one was sitting in a circle playing spin the bottle as soon as I saw it I got butterfly in my stomach I got nervous

''Alright ever one this is Marley " everone waved and said hi, I gave them a smile back ''we were just in a game of spin the bottle Mars you wanna play ?

'' Uhh yeah I guess ''

okay Justin spined  the bottle and it landed on a boy named ryan and another girl  barley wearing any clothes and they started making out as everone cheered. it went on for about 7 more minutes till it landed on me and Justin ever one  went "ohh" i just got all red as we stared at each other for about 15 seconds and then Justin leaned in and kissed me his lips were soft like a pillow it  went nice and gentle as I kissed him back. me  14 year old Marley Genners  everyone sees as a nerd, just kissed one of the hottest boys in the eight  grade and the boy of  my dreams I couldn't believe  it I was having a freak out party in my head I was so exited and till then ever where I looked Justin was starting at me. about an hour later the party was over and my dad was the last person to pick me up from the party. we were sitting on the drive way waiting wen Justin said ''Marley did u like the kiss cause I did I thought it was special? "

actually Justin I did enjoy it I felt a spark it was special'' and he grabbed my hand''

I smiled at him as we held hands and he kissed me again. as soon I was having a moment my dad drove up and honked the horn like I didn't know I saw him. Justin helped me up " Uhh MARLEY wait a sec before u go here my number text me later I would like that bye see ya''

alright I will and I walked into the car, and as soon as I got home I picked up my phone didn't put it down till I told Carra everthing didn't leave a single detail out of it .






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