I Kidnapped 1D

The story is about a girl who gets excited of meeting one direction as she meets them the boys dosen't know there going to be kidnapped but along the way one of the boys find a brighter side of the girl by falling in love with her even though she kidnaps them.


3. Shopping and Date Surprise

Hi Harry now that your here take me shopping to the mall April said he replied what?! and she said yes take me shopping to kmart where the Monster High skirts are So they got to kmart and went to the girls area and harry said: children clothes fit you April replied of course x-large or depends on the clothing. She went and found out a cute skirt the one's that she wanted Monster High she went tried one on and she asked Harry is this skirt too short? Harry said no it looks good on you. He asked how much does it costs she said $20.00 dollars he said for that skirt April replied yeah you have money dont you? You are a superstar. Harry said i prefer normal person April said to Harry you are not normal you have fame and glamorous stuff. Harry said no were not glamorous thats only for girls. We went back home after all that shopping. I sat on the floor cause there was no sofa cause the only thing to sit on its the boys room and mine. April was there thinking and dreaming about harry and sighing what would it be to be dating one of them?. Then Harry apeared from nowhere he said what's that about the sighing i said nothing just thinking singing  or do something interesting that comes from my mind. He said ok hey may i ask you do you want to go on a date with me? April answered sure why not. She said wait what time? Harry replied 6:00 p.m . April said okay but aren't you tired of all those hours of shopping. Harry said as i repeat as long as im with you and he kissed her cheek. A sudden smile came to April's face. April suddenly stared harry's eyes for a second and she said out loud you have beautiful eyes She said don't listen to me im just sometimes a blabber mouth. He said don't worry. I suddenly said but Harry if i go with you on a date i don't have anything fancy to wear. He replied you just look beautiful whatever clothes you wear. She said Thanks you too and another thing i take a lot of time to get dressed Harry replied as long is not at the 6 youll be fine. She said ok well let's hang out later.

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