I Kidnapped 1D

The story is about a girl who gets excited of meeting one direction as she meets them the boys dosen't know there going to be kidnapped but along the way one of the boys find a brighter side of the girl by falling in love with her even though she kidnaps them.


2. kimberlee is coming and feelings from One of The boys

The second day i went were the boys were and i saw Louis was mad and he started saying : Why us did we have to be so cute then i stared in front of his face and April  said you think youre the only one. oh, Louis i didnt know you were such a diva then louis started to fight and said im not a diva and she said yes you are and Louis uh uh uh and she was like no you and louis No YOU!!! and Liam yelled STOP!!! you both sound like little girls. April said what you don't tell me what to do to Liam and she left the room and locked it. Kimberlee called suddenly and April answered the phone and April said hi, do you want to come over and meet the boys that you helped me kidnapped Kimberlee replied: Ok coming over and then after she came April always remember the days that she would one day kidnap her favorite boy band. A knock was at the door it was Kimberlee and April  showed were the boys are and she said wait here im going to introduce myself to the boys and then you come in and Kimberlee said: Ok. April went inside in the room i said i'm April and you are? Harry replied: I'm Harry,Niall,Liam,Louis and Zayn. She replied of course One Direction. April said come in Kimberlee so you can see where i got the boys she shouted. Kimberlee said: Oh my April,why did you tied this poor boys to their beds Harry said: hey you might untie me and ill give you a surprise and April said no youre not going to be untied and i don't care about your surprise then Kimberlee was begging April to untie them she finally said fine but if they go running away is your fault. April untied the boys and she went crying to the bathroom Kimberlee wait before you runaway im sorry she kinapped you guys is that this was her dream to hang out with you guys. The boys exclaimed awww The boys said we will stay and follow her rules Kimberlee said great and Harry was wondering where is April Harry heard some crying and he sees April crying and went inside of the bathroom. Harry with his husky voice said What's wrong and she said nothing i just want to apologize didnt want to kidnap you guys like that i just wanted to hang out.Harry said Don't worry Kimberlee told us about that but it dosent matter cause im here with a beautiful girl April blushed and shed never blush for anyone. Harry looked in April's eyes and almost went for a kiss then Louis came in and said  Did i interrupt something and April said GET OUT louis and she pushed him out of the door. April said where were we Harry always with a smirk on his face the kiss he almost leaned i said wait im too young for you like im 15 and your 20 Harry said it dosent matter as long as im with my baby. Right now,no kiss April replied wait until we have our first date and then we have our special kiss. Harry said Fine and Harry left the bathroom. 

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