That Girl


6. Chapter 6


So let me start off that Paris is a complete Asshole! She thinks she is better than everyone else!

She almost killed my friend!I'm not joking!I'm going to explain the hole story to you like my friend told me.

My friend,Kira was walking down the stairs one morning,she was holding her Math book and her English book.Then Paris walks behind her with he two idiot friends.

Paris thought it would be funny to push Kira down the stairs!So she did,Kira bashed the front of her head off the bottom step and broke her left leg and her left arm.

She lost so much blood,she was lying on the floor for 3 minutes in till a teacher walked down the stairs and took her to the office.

She was rushed to the hospital,I couldn't believe it!She was one of my best friends!She was with me my hole life!We met at 2 years old,She couldn't die now.We have so much to do together!

But luckily she survived!She needed 3 bags of blood,she lost a lot.I'm glad she is fine,but as for Paris...Kira was so scared of her she never told the principal who really did it.

Kira was always scared of Paris,ever since the incident...yes I said it...the incident.

It all happened in grade 1,Kira was in the bathroom,using.When Paris walks in,she was there to fix her hair.Kira came out of the bathroom.

Kira smiled at Paris and Paris smiled at her,Kira washed her hands,then dried her hands.

Kira left and shortly after so did Paris.When they arrived at the classroom door,Paris seen something attached to Kira shoe.It was a short piece of tissue with poop on it!

Knowing Paris you know what she did,she screamed out to the hole classroom "Kira has a tissue on her shoe and there's poop on it!".Everyone laughed,Kira ran out of the classroom really fast!

Kira ran to the Bathroom,it took 3 teachers the principal and 2 hours to get her out of there.She was the laughing stock of the School,people only stopped 3 years ago.

Kira and me are glad Paris forgot about it,well we hope.Paris is a selfish brat! Yesterday she walked up to me and told me that my friend falling down the stairs was a....Warning.

One of these days I'm going to end up killing her!But you know,I would go to jail...but at least she won't be in this world!Well this is all I can write for now.

I love you Diary,talk to you soon. Take care!

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