That Girl


5. Chapter 5


Hey its me again, so there's not much that I have to say on this diary entry, well I haven't made one in awhile because I had drama to deal with.

There is this girl Paris at my school, she is the worst, she bullies me for no reason.

She told me that she never liked me because the way I dress and the way I act? Da Fuck?

I never did anything, so one day I was in the cafeteria and I had my food tray in my hand, with ice cream and gravy on my fries.

Then all of a sudden she walks in and rams her shoulder into mine, I get pushed back and I start to walk to my table.

As i'm almost there with my friends, Paris walks over and slaps the bottom of my tray and the food fly's back on me.

"What the hell!" I scream at Paris

"What? I never did anything?" She says acting Honest

"You hit the bottom of my tray for my food to hit me!!" I yelled at her

"No I never?" She said putting her hand up to her mouth pretending to be shocked.

"Your going to pay" I said, and with that I jumped on her, I was punching her in the face

everyone was yelling "fight!fight!" and just to say I was winning

I picked her up and flick her into the garbage can, she was all covered in garbage.

I looked at her sidekicks

"What should I do to her sidekicks?" I said to them thinking, then I growled at them and they ran off

Paris stood up slowly and painfully

I stood there with my arms crossed, she stared at me with the death eye.

she said" You will pay!!!" She screamed and ran off

everyone cheered for me I felt like a hero, then the principal came in and took me to the office.

They told me I was suspended for 2 days

Now, I'm grounded but miss goody 2 shoes only get detention


I hate this!

Then soon as I got home, I was grounded for 1 week

my iPad, phone and computer gone

But at least I have you

I hope she gets whats coming to her!

Well check back soon it might be a long while till I write because I have a lot of things to deal with. Bye

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