That Girl


4. Chapter 4


So the world is completely terrorible! Really I'm serious, everyone in my school are fucktards!

They are all nuts they don't know when to shut up! I was seating in class doing a test then all a sudden the boys start giggling.

Oh yeah I said giggling

So I say"shut up" and then the teacher caught me and forced me to the office. Dumbass!

So I head to the office and The principal ask me why i'm there and I told him I told the boys to shut up.

He gave me a month of Detention, after school my parents gave me a big ass lecture about it!

Like What The Fuck!

They tell me im grounded till i'm 30 years old and I'm not aloud to have a boyfriend till i'm 28 years old.

Well you know what I have to say for that!


I have a life not you... god i'm so mad!

I hate my life!

thanks for listening to me going on about my life...

i'm sorry I will shut up now...


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