That Girl


3. Chapter 3


So as you might have seen my last diary about teachers, I think I might just put my diary on my day and talk about stuff that I know about, secretly, lol.

So today I had school again but you know its ok, just kidding, its not. Again I saw my crush, his name is Ethan but who cares he will never like me back. No one likes me, Do you like me? I don't think you do, because I have no friends.

If you haven't even fucking notice, I'm not fucking queen of fucking England, bitch. That bitch has everybody as her friend. God! I really would love to be the queen but you know its fine. It really does not bother me, like it doesn't.

I'm does. like no fucking bitch in the world likes me, it just wants me to fucking swear. I am really sorry I just need to fucking get my chest clear cause I don't have a fucking life!

I bet you all have a life cause I totally don't, really no joke I have no fucking life: No friends, no family that cares, and no boyfriend to cuddle with.

See that's all the things I don't have, but I wish I had them. Everyone wishes to have one but you know everything can not be yours, especially boys. They can only be with one girl unless if they are jerks and cheat on you with another bitch.

I really hope all of you have a awesome love life cause I have none, but you guys are lucky if you do, I wish I was you guys so much. I can't have everything, sucks that I can't have everything. You guys are probably having the time of the world, good luck with that guys, cause not everything is meant to be, nothing is meant to be when It feels right, and trust me you will know.

I hope all your wishes come true unless if they are crimes, then I don't wish them to come true.

Love, Live and Laugh.


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