That Girl


2. Chapter 2


alas, another day of listening to my teachers bitch and complain about the worlds problems that she thinks we can magically fix. Another lunch period reminiscing over the plastics and their glamorous life. So I guess you could say today was the boring day...I had school again today which I do every fucking day but it will never FUCKING CHANGE!

I hope it won't be as boring as yesterday, yesterday was fucking stupid I hated it all the teachers think they are better than everybody else but guess what... you aren't the fucking queen of England so shut your fucking mouth, bitch.

anywhore teachers think "hey lets teach theses bitches shit that they would never fucking use" But who cares, we all do. I really think there should be no school cause they teach use random shit, like am I going to take out a math compass and draw a circle on a piece of paper in the middle of a fucking store.


If it was my decision I would say Fuck School but you know, ITS NOT MY FUCKING WORD!!!

So my day went perfectly,NOT!

I hope you have a better day than I did cause I hated my fucking day.



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