That Girl


1. Chapter 1


So....its time to go back to school, I am not looking forward to this at all, I'm in grade 12 and my names Gracie. I am making this Diary because I want to know what my life was like when I was little. So far not good, is there that one group of girls in your school that is perfect and they think and are better than you. Well thats in my school they are called the plastics, they are so perfect I just want to be them they are the best. I want to just turn into on of them they are the best thing ever, oh yeah I forgot I am suppose to tell you how my day went, ok here it goes. So when I woke up this morning I kinda fell out of my bed because my dog pushed me out and my alarm scared me. That Fucker, like I was saying I got up and walked slowly over to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and walked back in my room with not a lot of energy,lol. I picked out a outfit, a red tank top and a loose blue over shirt, I also picked out dark blue skinny jeans. I walked over to my door and shut it as again I never had much energy, I am really lazy and get tried easily, so I put my clothes on in 10 minutes, I know who takes 10 minutes to get dressed, well I do. I went to my bathroom and brushed my hair, oh yeah, I have Blonde hair with some brown in it, I brushed my hair and curled it. I love curling my hair, I finished doing my hair and walked out of the bathroom, in my way I walked out in awesomeness but I stopped right in the middle of the hall way "Fuck I forgot to do my make up" I walked back in and put my black eyeliner on and the rest of my make up. At the end I put my lip gloss on, I finished up and ran in my room and packed up my bag, well purse really a big purse. I grabbed my bag and run downstairs into my huge living room, I turn on the tv to check the weather, I live in Florida so I like to know what the weather is to pick out my shoes. It was going to be warm all day so I picked my high heel shoes, they are high heel and its leather and they are boots but shoes, if you get it you need to tell me, Lol. I love to talk, I grab my shoes and keys and run to my mustang car, I have my own car, yeah thats right,lol. I drive to school and park in my regular spot yeah I know, I got a spot. So I don't really need to explain anymore cause you know school, always boring, so after school I drove home and did my math homework and science and socials projects, Well I started the projects. I did finish my homework though, yeah you don't really need to know that do you, lol. Thought so, I think school is boring, so after I finished the weird and hateful homework I took a nap, when I woke up I thought, I should make a diary so I can know what I did and what I was like when I was younger and surprise I was weird and mean. Wow am I already a plastic, lol, no I am not perfect I need to get my mind straight. So I can't wait to write again tomorrow, bye for now.

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