This is a story about a girl trying to survive her last years of high school and find her true love, will she ever find her love or will she be alone forever. Read to find out.


1. The World

Bloom's POV

So I have been living in a world by myself... I was Home schooled by my mom. My dad left us when I was little, But it was a awful experiance.

The night before he left him and mom had a fight... a terrible fight. It all started when mom was cooking dinner.

"Honey what is for supper?" Dad says

"Pizza with Cheese" Mom replied

"I am allergic to cheese... how could you forget"

"David I can't remember everything about you"

"Well then we have nothing!"

"David! What are you doing?"

At that dad walked toward the counter where a knife was laid on the counter. It scared me for what he was going to do.

"its going to end now!" Dad had said

"David! Don't do this!"Mom screamed

At that he grabs the silver shiny blade off the marble counter, racing at her with such speed that his hair flew back slightly. He approaches her, the devilish smile lurking on his face only confirmed my nightmare. i let out a squeal as the blade slices into moms arm, making three long clear cuts on her forearm. and that, was the last time i saw my father.

It freaks me out every time I think of it, I miss my dad and I am worried about my mom.

Before he left that night he threatened my mom that he will return and kill her and me.

Everyday I worry...

I hope we will be fine sometimes we think we won't, but sometimes we think we will.

its confusing.

So 5 years later I was 17, and mom was cooking supper.

I ran out of my bedroom with such speed that my shirt flys back as well as my sleek black hair.

"Mom whats for dinner?" I say sliding around the kitchen floor

"Chicken and potato salad" Mom says smiling as I glide across the kitchen. I slip and face plant into the fridge.

Mom gets a shocked look on her face.

"I'm Ok mom" I say getting up off the cold and dusty floor.

"Ok honey" My mom says giggling.

my moms giggle reminds me of a little 5 year old, running around the garden playing ball, then her brother falls on the ground by tripping, and she giggles.

I have a really weird mind.

I walk into my cold room my window was open.

"Now how did that get open?"I say confused

I shut it and back up and I ram into something, a shiny silver blade goes to my neck just a cementer away.

I get scared cause I had no clue what it was, so I put my hands up, and a deep voice says in my ear.

"Daddy's home"

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