This is a story about a girl trying to survive her last years of high school and find her true love, will she ever find her love or will she be alone forever. Read to find out.


6. The Horror

Bloom's POV

I was only an hour away from New York,I was so excited.I never been to New York but I was ready to go,I hope my best friend Olivia will meet me.

I arrived at a busy gas station,I parked and sat in my car with my doors locked.I was over protective...I ate my chips and took a few sips of my drink.

Then all of a sudden I hear a ding!I was confused for a few seconds,but then I looked at my phone. It was a text message,from...Olivia!

She said"Ok,where do I meet you?"

I was shocked,I felt like I could scream!She was ok!She was ok!I quickly texted her back.

"Meet me in front of American girl store and then we can go to coffe"I quickly wrote.

I sent it!

I was jumping in my pants,not literally that would be silly,But i was jumping up and down!

Then I looked beside me and a old women was looking at me like I had mental issues?Like excuse me do you have a problem!

I put down my window.

"Problem?"I said raising my hands up in confusion.

"hmp!"she said walking off with her cane.

I put my window back up and finished my drink,I took my perfume and sprayed some on.

It was Red Blast from Bath & Body works,I loves it!

I pulled out of the parking lot and drove on,I turned on the radio and load and behold Little things by One Direction was on. Great!

It was my Favorite song by them! I loved it,it was so sweet.

There's not really much to say about it because it was super boring drive.

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