This is a story about a girl trying to survive her last years of high school and find her true love, will she ever find her love or will she be alone forever. Read to find out.


4. The Drive

Bloom's POV❤️

I grabbed the rest of my bags, ran to my car and put them in my back seat.

I jumped up the stone hard stairs, I slipped on water and fell on my butt.

"SHIT!!" I scream

I stand up and run to my room.

I grab the rest of my things and run to the car and put them in, I go back in crying.

I pick up my moms body, I take her to the big field and I lay her down.

I put flowers all around her body, I take a rock, peace of pink and purple chalk that was lying on the ground from when I was little.

I write on the rock in pink chalk, R.I.P and my moms name is purple "helen".

"I'm so sorry mom, I should have done something to save you.."

I dug a little hole big enough for the rock to slide in.

I kiss her forehead and run back to my car, soon as I get in before I could shut my door I hear a bang

I think to myself as I shut the door and start the car.


"Dads out! DADS OUT!!" I scream.

I drive out of the driveway and as i'm driving down the road I see my dad running after my car.

"I WILL FIND YOU SOME DAD BLOOM!!" He screamed out.

I was alittle scared then, I had to get to my aunts before he did, I just don't know what i'm going to do anymore.

2 hours later....

I'm on the road, singing to Katy perry black horse, I was shaking my head around

I felt wild and crazy, then I looked at my gas tank, it was almost empty, I was almost at a gas station to.

Finally, 10 minutes later I arrive and a small Irving station outside the town, I still had another 3 hours to go till I would reach my aunts

I was so tried and weak and there was no hotel for miles, but how was there a gas station? I don't know.

It was going to be dark soon, so, I decided to keep driving, so I would end up at my aunts at 1:00 am

So I bought my gas with $100 from my wallet, I had $300, I bought a sandwich, a bag of chips and a monster energy drink to keep me awake.

I paid for it, went back to my car, got in a buckled up.

then a big tour bus drives in, I was just about to turn the key when I saw Louis walk out of the bus, I was shocked!

"Holy...shit!" I whispered to myself.

I got out of my car and walked to the gas station where louis had walked into, I got a pack of gum and a bar.

"That will be $5.49" The cashier said

then Louis walked up to the counter with, 5 pepsi cans, 5 candy bags(different kinds) and 2 packs of gum.

I picked up my bar and gum, I was about to walk out when Louis stopped me.

Louis's POV❤️

She was beautiful, Thats all I could think of, there was no explaining it, She had beautiful black hair, really light blue eye's and the perfect smile

"Hi, I'm Louis, And whats yours?" I spoke so excitedly

"Hi, I'm Bloom" She said with the sweetest voice, after she spoke she smiled, her teeth were perfect white

I didn't know what to do but smile, I stared at her and smiled. I played with my fingers and she played with her hair, giggling at me.

"Here, thats my number, were stopping in New York for a week so" I smiled passing her a piece of paper

"I would love that and I'm already going there, my aunt lives there" She looked so joyful, I couldn't believe this, I think I found my true love.

She smiles at me with such delight

"Yeah sure, I will text you when I get to my aunts and we could hang out" She said

"Yeah that will be awesome" I smiled

And with that she walked out of the store.

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