This is a story about a girl trying to survive her last years of high school and find her true love, will she ever find her love or will she be alone forever. Read to find out.


7. The Arrival of a New Time

Bloom's POV

I finally arrived at New York,I was so Happy to arrive.

I drove Down,Down Creek. Thats the road my Aunt lives on,it sounds creepy but actually its a road full of Mansions.

I pull down this long Driveway at the end of the street,I was shocked.My mouth was dropped down to the floor.

I pulled up to the door and my aunt came out with 3 maids,I could see she was crying but she was smiling.

I already told her the whole story,she was devastated!

She is my mom's sister,when she found out about my mom she just cried...and so did I.

We both couldn't speak after like 5 minutes of crying.

I got out of the car and hugged her,she hugged me back.

"I'm so glad your Ok" She said looking at me

"I'm glad i'm Here,Your house is so Nice" I look at her House

She smiled and walked up the Steps "come with me"

"What about my bags?"

"The Maids will get it"

I smiled and followed her,she went into this big room and then another,than another and then another,finally we went into a bedroom.

"This is your room,I hope your comfortable here"

I nodded and with that 3 maids and 3 butlers came in with my bags.

"You got a lot of Maids and Butlers?" I say giggling

"I got 10 times more there just got a day off" She smiled at me.

I picked up my bag and started to open it

"Meet me downstairs in 10" She said standing by the door.

"Ok" I say smiling at Her

And with that she leaves,I grab the bags with the guns in it and put it under my bed right by the wall.

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