This is a story about a girl trying to survive her last years of high school and find her true love, will she ever find her love or will she be alone forever. Read to find out.


5. The Accident

Bloom's POV

I was so HAPPY! I couldn't believe that I was talking to Louis from One Direction! I just wanted to scream, but I had to seem cool.

I was walking to my car, then I noticed the rest of the gang. Well the group,Harry,Niall,Zayn and Liam.They all waved and smiled at me.

I smiled and waved back,I opened my door and got in. I started my car,I put my food in my purse.But I kept my chips and energy drink out.

I put the rest of my things in,I opened my chips and drink.I ate a chip and took a sip,I took out my phone and added louis's phone number:754-8923

Then I looked at my text messages,my best friend Olivia texted me,I forgot she was suppose to come over that day to sleep over!

What will my dad do to her?Well she was always his favorite?But he might know that I would come back for her?I need to help her!But if I do then he will get me,I will call the police!

I start the engine,I text Olivia back saying "Don't come to my house!My dad is there!You know he wants revenge!Don't come over,go to New York and I will meet you!"

I pull out of the gas station and take a another few chips out and eat them. I keep driving in till I notice a broken down car, I pull over.

I get out of the car and walk over to the car, I open the door and then I get.....

Louis's POV

I got my things as she left,I ran on to the bus and sat on the couch in front of the bus.Harry and Zayn were having a burping contest,they are so weird!

But I couldn't wait to preform the 2 concerts in New York, After them I get to see Bloom!She is so nice and Beautiful,I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend after we hang out for a bit.

She is just so terrific! I know I just met her but I had a spark with her,it just felt right.But I don't want to sound Sappy right now.

I went on my bunk and shut the shade,I stared at my phone for an hour by then I fell asleep.I was so tired.

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