A Divergent fan fiction about 5 teenagers from different factions where they don't belong. Discovering something at their aptitude tests, they devise a plan.....


7. Result

Divergent. Alex likes the sound of her being special, different.

Divergent. The word scares Ben, the single word that could get him killed.

Divergent. Isa thinks the word sound amazing, like a second chance, or a fresh start.

Divergent. Zack doesn't want to be divergent. He wants to be normal, and safe.

Divergent. Callie thinks the word sounds tough, and she likes that.

The five walk down the halls and back to the waiting room. They sit at a table, together. A few people stare. "I know you guys are too." Alex whispers, "I can see it in your eyes, you're pretty freaked out."

Ben nods, and slowly the others do too. "What now?" He asks.

"We run." Callie pipes up.

"What?" Zack asks worriedly.

"We run. Escape. Before they find out. Before they kill us." Callie's face turns dark.

"I agree." Alex nods. So does Ben, and Isa. Slowly Zack nods too.

"Over the fence." Zack says decidedly.

"Good idea. Under may be better. But we have to leave, and we have to do it tonight." Alex dropped her voice even lower.

"Bean statue. Midnight. Be there." Callie stood up and joined the Amity again.

The others left until just Alex And Ben sat together, alone and silent.

"This," Ben concluded, "Is the craziest idea I have ever attempted."

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