A Divergent fan fiction about 5 teenagers from different factions where they don't belong. Discovering something at their aptitude tests, they devise a plan.....


8. Plan



Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated I've started a co-fanfic with some other movellians, one of which (PureAwesomenessYOLO)  I share a youtube channel with. Above is a video we have that has to do with books, but please go to our channel and subscribe (this is an older vid so plz don't judge) here is the link-    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-IzkqDRfEu_YPkKeh_sevw

But anyways, here is the next chapter. I'll probs be doing 3rd person from now on, or else it just gets too confusing.


Alex and Callie are the first ones at the statue. They crouch below it as to not be seen, and watch for the others. They don't speak much, only wait.

Soon, two figures are barely visible through the darkness. Callie slips behind the statue, while Alex leans out and notices the figures are Ben and Zack. Ben is walking normally and inconspicuously, like Abnegation usually do. Zack walks carefully through the rubble of Chicago, glancing around every few seconds.

Alex runs to them and grabs Ben's arm pulling him behind the statue. Ben flushes as Alex smiles at him.

"Where is that Erudite girl?" Callie demands, from where she is sitting on the ground.

"I'm here," Isa emerges from the shadows, "And my name's Isa, by the way."

"Whatever, you're still an Erudite. Although, of course, you aren't really? I'm guessing you're not very smart, or you wouldn't be here." Callie smirks and Isa turns away, her cheeks red.

"So what's the plan? We didn't really have one when we decided to meet up here. People will find out we're missing soon, and the guards at the gates will be looking out for us." Zack remembers when that girl tried to escape five years ago, and they caught her at the gates. 

"I escape the Candor sector all the time to go to Dauntless parties, I'll come up with something. Do you have any inside info on the gates, Jack?" Alex says thoughtfully.

"It's Zack, and my brother is a night guard. If I went first and tried to talk to him, we could get through easily. He doesn't really like me that much though....." Zack leans against the statue with an undecipherable look on his face.

"He's our only plan though, so I guess that'll have to do." Isa shrugs. Her creativity wasn't doing her much good in a planning sort of situation.

"Guys, we should probably split up. Zack and someone else should go ahead, and the rest of us should come slowly behind one by one; so we don't get caught." Alex suggests.

"Good idea. I'll go with Alex. If we get caught, I'll pretend I got left behind when a truck delivered food to the city. Zack could be helping me get back to the Amity sector." Callie stands and Zack and her slip back into the shadows, darting between hiding spots. After a few minutes, Alex follows. Isa gestures for Ben to go, and she reluctantly follows him. The three of them meet up in a crevice between a square of concrete and a fallen lamppost. They had been running for a while, and leaned against the concrete, gasping for air. From their spot they watched Zack and Alex approach Zack's brother at the gate, hoping they wouldn't get caught.

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