A Divergent fan fiction about 5 teenagers from different factions where they don't belong. Discovering something at their aptitude tests, they devise a plan.....


9. Escape

  "Zack, what are you doing here?" Jon snarls at Zack and Callie, as they approach him quietly.

  "We need your help. We don't belong here. You know I don't. Please help us escape, I won't ever cause you trouble again." Zack begs.

  "What are you talking about? Who's we?" Jon glances at Callie and raises his eyebrows.

  "This is Callie. There are four more of us, and we just need you to open the gate for a minute, please Jon." Zack seemed to be holding back tears.

  "Oh, please Zack. Don't cry. Jon, let us out or I swear I'll transfer to Dauntless tomorrow and make your life hell." Callie stepped forward, locking eyes with Jon. He snorted, but shrugged.

  "Fine, fine, Amity girl. Get you friends over here." Jon walked over to a keypad on the gate and started typing something.

  Callie signaled to the others and they scurried over nervously. Except for Alex, that is. She strode bravely with a smirk plastered on her face.

  "Okay, get through and I'll come up with a cover story. Run as fast as you can." Jon quickly hugged his brother, who looked surprised at the gesture, and then shoved everyone out. They started to run, and heard Jon speak into the keypad.

"Run!" Callie whisper shouted and they all did, they ran until the gates disappeared into the darkness.

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