A Divergent fan fiction about 5 teenagers from different factions where they don't belong. Discovering something at their aptitude tests, they devise a plan.....


5. Erudite

“What book?” I ask my brother as I sit down to breakfast.

"The new book everyone has been reading.” He stares at me in astonishment, like “Oh my god I haven’t read every single book ever I can’t be an Erudite anymore.”

"Well, I haven’t read it.” I state as I pour some cereal. He mumbles something under his breath but I ignore it

"You need to read more, Isa. Get on top of your studies.” My mother looks at me over her glasses. She has perfect vision, yet she always wears them.

"I'm doing fine with my studies!" I exclaim defensively. Actually, I'm not. For an Erudite, I'm stupid. I can't wait until I transfer to a different faction.

My aptitude test is next week. I hope I fit in some where, anywhere else. Amity or abnegation are bound to accept me. I'm......relatively kind by Erudite standards.

As we finish breakfast, my family starts discussing politics and how Abnegation is ruining the city blah blah blah. I disagree with all that propaganda Erudite is producing in their newspapers, but I join in on the conversation and pretend to hate Abnegation, like most Erudites do.

I go upstairs to get my books and find my mother, going through my schoolwork.

"Isa.....I'm sorry. I'm invading your privacy I am aware but look at your schoolwork. You need to work harder, study more!" My mom lectured me until I had to go to school. When she told my father, he yelled at me and I left for school with tears streaming down my face.

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