A Divergent fan fiction about 5 teenagers from different factions where they don't belong. Discovering something at their aptitude tests, they devise a plan.....


6. Aptitude

Callie slides into the seat at the far end of the Amity table, awaiting her name being called. She joins a game of cards, wins, and turns away from her faction. What faction is right for me? She thinks, for the tenth time that hour. Dauntless would be cool, and obviously not Amity.

Zack jumps off the moving train and stumbles, unlike the other laughing Dauntless. Regardless, he smiles to himself. Today is the day he can find out where he truly belongs. And it is not among these brave idiots.

Alex watches Ben who sits quietly with the other quiet Abnegation. She wonders where he wants to be. More thank that, she wonders where she wants to be. Not Candor, Amity, Abnegation. Dauntless maybe? She can't stand Erudites. Dauntless it is.

Ben's hands shake as he watches the clock tick off the minutes until his aptitude test. He catches Alex staring at him and she gives him a reassuring smile. It helps, but he's still lost. He wants to leave Abnegation, and Dauntless seems terrifying, Amity too happy. Erudite? Candor? Ben can't stop his mind from checking every last possibility.

Isa doesn't read, or talk with the other Erudites. They all make fun of her. So, instead she draws. Paper on pencil, anything she can think of. Maybe that would be appreciated in Amity. Maybe.....but then her name is called.

"Isa, Erudite. Callie, Amity. Ben, Abnegation. Zack, Dauntless. Alex, Candor." The five teenagers stand and walk to the the doors to the testing rooms, their hearts practically beating put of their chests.

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