the mistake

It's about a girl who has a hectic life at home and practises archery in the woods to get away from it all.
Something terrible happens only she does not get hurt as she is in the woods


2. The beginning of the end.

The rest of the week I had no more anonymous letters and was beginning to wonder whether he or she had simply got the wrong address. But maybe they didn't get it wrong and was meant for someone else. Mark. I decided to talk to him the next day.



I found him in our room, after work, reading. 'Hi there darling, I was just wondering what I was going to with my life. Before you start, I know what your going to say. "Well you've got me and what else could possibly happen in the whole wide world." I know I've got you. Your the love of my life but. . .' I trailed off, wondering how he would reply to my confrontation. His answer surprised me.

'But what? Is it something to do with the letter that you throw in the fire? Yes, I saw that.'

I opened my mouth wide, astonished. He saw and before carrying on explaining. . .


​'It was a few weeks before your letter incident, just after our fantabulous honeymoon to Spain. I received a hand-written letter too. Like you was interested and curious so, I opened the letter to find exactly what you found. The writing saying 'I know what your doing,' in blood. I didn't want to hurt or worry you so I didn't tell a soul, just incase. I was going to ask you but seeing as you've brought the subject up, it seemed the right moment.

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