the mistake

It's about a girl who has a hectic life at home and practises archery in the woods to get away from it all.
Something terrible happens only she does not get hurt as she is in the woods


1. Before the horror

 It was a few weeks back that the horror began. It started out small like a practical joke, but we were wrong. It turned out bigger than you can imagine. It turned out to be a mistake.

It was a fine day with the sun glaring down at us from the heavens and there was not a cloud in the sky. I woke abruptly with light streaming through the curtains. Temporarily blinded I stumbled about my bedroom dressing. I wore a short pink and purple ruffled mini skirt with a bright red strapless top. ​'At last!' I thought to myself. 'What a lovely day!'  

I then ate the last of the bacon and eggs that cook had saved for me before finally confronting the pile of letters that seemed to get taller every time I looked at it. 

I picked out a delicately hand written one that was from my auntie Daphne. She looked after me and was my guardian, as my parents died when I was at a very young age, until I was 18 so I owe her considerably. She wrote that her family was well and asked how I was getting on without her as I left hers last month to get married to Mark. It was a big move in my life but payed off considerably.

The next letter was also hand written and had no stamp on. Inside was just a few words.

'I know what your doing,' written it what appeared to be blood. Quickly I hurled the letter in the fire. I was afraid of what it meant, who sent it, and what did they know. Mark then appeared in the room interrupting my thoughts as he did so.

Mark was tall and very fetching. He had dark, brown eyes that sparkled in the light and matching hair colour. He was the perfect every dream of a man any girl could want. We met at my best friend, Jess's, party. It turned out to be love at first site.

 'Mornin', you look pretty darling.' I chuckled despite all the misfortune that seemed to have struck. You all right?' He asked, looking concerned.

'Yeah, I know it's just that. Oh never mind,' I replied as I knew that he would go a long way to know who sent it. (The letter I mean.)

During the day I didn't dare look at another letter.

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